To reconnect with the outdoors from inside, try a stylish and functional window seat! They can be a wonderful addition to any home and can aid in providing a great space to nap, eat, read, or even hide flaws in the home. Combined with custom window treatments, the effect is both attractive and practical.

The kitchen is a great place for custom window treatments such as a window seat. Assuming you have large or corner windows in the kitchen, a window seat could serve several purposes. It could be a spot to enjoy the day’s cup of coffee and newspaper in the morning or the seating can be used to create a banquette. The kitchen is usually the hub of the home and a window seat here will help free up space and be a great place to relax when the family gathers.

Window seats in the bedroom might be every child’s dream space. If you use a cushioned mattress in this area, it can be accommodating to their overnight guests and be the ideal spot to help cultivate a child’s love for reading.  An added bonus for the adults, you can add some cabinets underneath to create some discrete storage options for toys or other knick knacks and even some cubbies to keep shoes out the middle of the floor!

In a living room or den, window seats can provide a quiet nook to read or do some gazing outside. A customized nook can incorporate extra space for a bookshelf and an arched ceiling over your nook can make you feel very snug. Even if you don’t plan on reading, it’s still one of the best seats in the house for tv watching!

No matter what room you decide to put in a window seat, there is so much you can do with them! If storage is your thing, seats with hinged tops and drawers will allow you to slip in blankets or anything else you need out the way. Unsightly radiator? Some clever paneling can help you hide it, while also giving access to it in case it’s in need of repair!

Window seats are most commonly seen in older model homes but they can easily complement some of today’s styles just as well!



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