Paint is such an important part of the design of your home!


When you decide that you want a white color for your space, you are ready to head to the paint store, right? Wrong. There are many different shades of white that can all present a completely different style for your space. So, you must first choose the right white, so that you can achieve the perfect image for your home.

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Are you surprised that there are actually a myriad of white hues that you could choose from? As white paint isn’t just white.

We know that the right shade of paint can do wonders for your home! That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, we want to help you choose the perfect shade of white for your own home. Are you ready to become inspired? If so, be sure to continue reading to gain some great insight:


  • Extra. Do you love things that are “extra”? While the basic white is nice, you can really achieve your love of bold appearances with “Extra White”. This will provide a light and airy look to your space while presenting a powerful sense of style.


  • Simple. There is something beautiful about the simple things in life. If you have an appreciation for the “go with the flow” appeal, consider “Simply White”. This is a good starter hue for utilizing other colors within your space.


  • Spinach. You can have beautiful undertones that completely transform your white. For example, you can display a healthy glowing green with “Spinach White”. The green undertone presented will add a dash of flair to your space.


  • Beach. Are you among the people who yearn to be near the beach? You can bring a piece of the beach into your home with a color such as “Rarified Air”. The subtle blue undertone will create a cooling feeling, as though you were enjoying the beach.

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White just doesn’t have to be white! In fact, which you choose one of these white hues, you can add some pizzazz to your own space. Here at White Oak Interiors, as a Chicago interior designer, we would enjoy the opportunity to help you make your interior design vision a reality. Contact us today to share your home vision and to book your Crystal Lake, Illinois interior designer.


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