Interior Design Vintage style is always in! Even if your home is fairly new, you can add some vintage flair to give it more character. By shopping around and keeping your eyes open for good deals, you can find some overlooked pieces at a great price! The good thing about interior design vintage style is that it can be relatively inexpensive to recreate unless you are looking for specific antiques.

  1. Use what you’ve got stored away!

    Remember that furniture your grandma gave you years ago that is sitting away in storage? Time to start picking through it! You might come across some great finds. If you don’t want to use a big piece like a couch, you might be able to find lamps and wall mirrors that fit in seamlessly with your idea of what your vintage décor should look like!

  2. Get sale savvy!

    Yard sales, thrift stores, and estate sales are promising places to find well loved and unique interior design vintage style pieces that people simply just don’t have a use for anymore. Frequent sales in your neighborhood when you can find them and you might stumble upon a priceless piece! You can also sign up or mailing lists for people that host estate sales, like Lifestyle Transitions, so you can browse pieces and get direct notifications for when a sale is about to hit! Didn’t your mama ever tell you to shop around?

  3. Give your favorite piece a makeover!

    Have a couch with classic build that shows potential? You can either add accents with an abundance of pillows or you can reupholster the couch completely! Florals are popular in vintage style, so find what appeals to your taste when incorporating them. They can also be added through window treatments and rugs, so see what works for you.

  4. Pay attention to the hardware!

    Swapping the hardware is an easy way to complete a polished vintage vibe. If you have silver or steel pieces throughout your home, go for warmer pieces made of bronze, iron, or gold tones. Drawer pulls, hooks, and light fixtures will usually be some of the more important pieces to swap out.

  5. If you can’t find it, make it!

    You can repurpose older pieces of furniturefor other uses, like making an old dresser into a charming vanity, repainting pieces as you see fit (adding French typography is not only vintage, but romantic!), and using pallets to create shelving for a vintage, rustic quality. We often find that the more creative we are, the more our ideas come to life!


Are you a fan of vintage styles and need help finding signature pieces for your home? Schedule a consultation and let us know what you’re looking for!


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