Ways to Give Your Classic Home Decor a Modern Makeover

Ways to Give Your Classic Home Decor a Modern Makeover

The appeal of classic home decor is undeniable!

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The charm and design of traditional decor will always be a lovely choice. However, there are trends that can bring an updated look to your home, if you are seeking a beautiful and uplifting change. With the right details, you can bring a modern sense of style to your own classic decor.

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If you feel like your traditional styled decor needs a rejuvenating look, it’s time to bring a modern flare to your own home.

Here at White Oak Interiors, we believe that updating your home can keep it alive and stylish. That’s why we have put together a few ways to give your classic home decor a modern update. If you are interested in fueling your creativity, be sure to continue reading:

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  • A Staircase Display. Does your home feature a lovely staircase? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to bring a modern look to your home. Exchange your classic and worn down wooden banisters for a more durable and updated material such as iron or steel. This will help your banister make its way to the updated industrial world. Also, covering your stairs in carpet or tile will add even more pizzazz to your space.

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  • Refined Leather. There is no doubt that leather has always been a popular choice, especially in the modern world. But, leather is taking on a new look, a lighter look. You can incorporate light and thinly designed leather furniture. This will update your leather look for a modern appeal.

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  • A Chandelier to Talk About. Chandeliers are a lovely addition to a home. Not only do they illuminate a space but provide quite a powerful sense of style as well. But, it could be time to trade in that classic display for a modern, ornate piece. Showcase a turn of the century piece, such as a drop crystal chandelier, or a geometric showstopper. You and your guests won’t be able to take your eyes off such a stunning element of décor.

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Your traditional house is quite lovely! But these tips can help you to bring a modern and revitalized look to your home décor. Here at White Oak Interiors, as a Chicago, Illinois interior designer, we can assist you with updating your own home. Contact us today to share your vision and begin working with your interior designer in Crystal Lake.


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