Trendy Window Treatments for Your Home

Trendy Window Treatments for Your Home

Window treatments are a great source for accentuating the beautiful light that will shine its way into your home. With the right window treatments, you not only have the opportunity to hide the light or allow it to showcase through your windows, but also add some pizzazz to your space!

With many window treatments to choose from, are you aware of which ones would be the best fit for your own home?

We are honored with the opportunity to provide inspiration for a home’s interior design! That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, as Chicago interior designers, we have gathered some tips to assist you in choosing the perfect window treatments for you home. Are you ready to discover some trendy window treatment options? If so, be sure to continue reading:

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  • Draperies

    When tall windows are presented, you can invest in floor-to-ceiling draperies to adorn them. These are especially ideal for bedrooms, or living rooms with high ceilings. Offering light and privacy, a window of fabric will appear as an additional wall of décor within your space. When installing your drapery rod, you have the option of choosing to place it among the wall, or the ceiling, depending on what is most fitting for the style that you would like to showcase.

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  • Semi-sheer

    For a common space within your home, such as a living room, consider semi-sheer fabric window treatments! Seeing as your common room won’t require much privacy to the outside world, you can allow an abundance of natural light to shine through, brightening your space, while still providing subtle privacy, with the use of semi-sheer window treatments. However, you can choose a thicker fabric, if you wish to not have as much light shine through, as a way to add a bit more privacy.

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  • Blackout

    If you would rather keep the light entirely out of your space when your window treatments are being utilized, you can opt for blackout draperies! Dense fabric that light can’t penetrate through is used to create a “blackout” effect, ensuring that your home can stay as dark as you would like it to. This is especially ideal for bedrooms, as they will allow you to get a great night’s sleep in the dark!

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  • Shades

    Some rooms within your home will require a great deal of privacy, such as your bathrooms. So, know that shades are a wonderful way to ensure that you are completely hidden from the outside world, while still allowing light to filter through. Roller, Roman, cord-free, and remote-control shades are all very trendy and incredibly popular options for adding some pizzazz and functionality to your space! For example, when it comes to functionality, know that remote control operated draperies and blinds will present you with a great deal of ease when it comes to utilizing them. In addition, cordless and remote control options are incredibly ideal for child safety throughout your home, if you have little ones running around!

With the right window treatments, you can jazz up your space, as well as have form and functionality! These are just a few of the lovely window treatments that you can choose for your home.

Are you ready to design your own home with an interior designer in Crystal Lake, Illinois? If so, please contact us here at White Oak Interiors, as we would be pleased with the opportunity to be yours!


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