Things That Every Reading Nook Needs

Things That Every Reading Nook Needs

A reading nook is such a lovely addition to a home!

reading nook

We refer to this sitting area as “grandma’s reading corner”. It is in a lower-level bedroom where the grandchildren spend the night in a home in West Dundee, Illinois.

If you are an avid lover of books, you certainly need a reading nook in your home! As you read, you can experience a tale of heartbreak, courage, mischief, quick wits, dramatic twists, and so much more, yet no one around you will ever know what you have just been through. The magic of reading is unlike any other. With a comfortable reading nook, you can certainly enjoy your wonderful books even more!

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The couch, your bed, your back porch, these are good places to sit for a little reading time. However, you can have an incredible place to cozy into as you open up your books. A reading nook will pose as perfect spot.

Here at White Oak Interiors, we believe reading is an essential part of life, and that’s why we have put together a few things that every reading nook needs. If you enjoy delving into the pages of adventure that books can offer, be sure to keep reading to discover more:

reading nook

This beautiful library is in a lovely estate in Dundee, Illinois. The bookcases were actually brought to the US from an 1890’s home in England.

  • Lovely accent tables. Could you imagine how satisfying it is to curl up in your reading nook on a rainy day and enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee? If you are a devoted reader, you likely don’t have to just imagine. If your reading nook doesn’t have a table for your beverage, it can be difficult to juggle your book, bookmarks, drinks, and pillows. A lovely accent table is the perfect adornment for your reading nook, as it will act as a great convenience for comfort as you enjoy your book.
reading nook

This lovely sitting/reading area is in a master bedroom in a gorgeous Algonquin, Illinois home.

  • A little privacy please. Distractions can come in all forms for everyone. Whether the TV from your housemates or family is bothersome, seeing them constantly walk around your nook for various reasons, or being interrupted every couple of paragraphs, it can all be too much. To fully immerse yourself into the world your book presents, sometimes every distraction must be shut out. A curtain provides extra privacy to block out any interruptions. If a curtain isn’t an option, you can get creative by using large plants or room dividers as barriers, for a little extra pizzazz for your space.
reading nook

This sitting area in a home in Carpentersville, Illinois showcases stunning swivel chairs that turn to look to out the windows which have a view of a beautiful pond!

  • A little stretching room. Although “nook” may sound small and cozy, such spaces still require you to stretch out and be comfortable. If you can incorporate a day bed into your nook you will have all the space you need. If your space is somewhat smaller, an ottoman allowing you to prop up your feet will do just fine. Your legs will definitely be thanking you after a long day of work!

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A reading nook is a comfortable place to escape from the world and enter a completely new one. These are a few ways in which you can create your nook to be a little more comfortable. Here at White Oak Interiors, as a Hawthorne Woods, Illinois interior designer, we can assist you in creating the perfect home! If you are ready to begin planning your Chicago interior design, please feel free to contact us today.


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