Interior Design Vintage Style Appeal in Newer Spaces

Interior Design Vintage style is always in! Even if your home is fairly new, you can add some vintage flair to give it more character. By shopping around and keeping your eyes open for good deals, you can find some overlooked pieces at a great price! The good thing about interior design vintage style is that it can be relatively inexpensive to recreate unless you are looking for specific antiques.

  1. Use what you’ve got stored away!

    Remember that furniture your grandma gave you years ago that is sitting away in storage? Time to start picking through it! You might come across some great finds. If you don’t want to use a big piece like a couch, you might be able to find lamps and wall mirrors that fit in seamlessly with your idea of what your vintage décor should look like!

  2. Get sale savvy!

    Yard sales, thrift stores, and estate sales are promising places to find well loved and unique interior design vintage style pieces that people simply just don’t have a use for anymore. Frequent sales in your neighborhood when you can find them and you might stumble upon a priceless piece! You can also sign up or mailing lists for people that host estate sales, like Lifestyle Transitions, so you can browse pieces and get direct notifications for when a sale is about to hit! Didn’t your mama ever tell you to shop around?

  3. Give your favorite piece a makeover!

    Have a couch with classic build that shows potential? You can either add accents with an abundance of pillows or you can reupholster the couch completely! Florals are popular in vintage style, so find what appeals to your taste when incorporating them. They can also be added through window treatments and rugs, so see what works for you.

  4. Pay attention to the hardware!

    Swapping the hardware is an easy way to complete a polished vintage vibe. If you have silver or steel pieces throughout your home, go for warmer pieces made of bronze, iron, or gold tones. Drawer pulls, hooks, and light fixtures will usually be some of the more important pieces to swap out.

  5. If you can’t find it, make it!

    You can repurpose older pieces of furniturefor other uses, like making an old dresser into a charming vanity, repainting pieces as you see fit (adding French typography is not only vintage, but romantic!), and using pallets to create shelving for a vintage, rustic quality. We often find that the more creative we are, the more our ideas come to life!


Are you a fan of vintage styles and need help finding signature pieces for your home? Schedule a consultation and let us know what you’re looking for!


Barrington Interior Decorator – Using Floral Arrangements to Compliment your Home

Floral arrangements are known to have mood-boosting qualities (much like those of artful interior design), so it makes sense to incorporate beautiful blooms into the decoration of your home. Whether you want to accent a newly designed space or have special guests over for the holidays, what better way to complement your home than with a fresh floral arrangement! Use a Barrington Interior Decorator, such as White Oak Interiors to help you tastefully compliment your home.

When choosing flowers to display, there isn’t just one type or one way to go. The beauty of making your own arrangement is that you can mix various types of flowers to create the look you want! Now, you can select just one type of flower to create a more elegant display, but choosing more than one is great for making a playful bouquet. With autumn approaching, you may opt to use yellows and oranges to mimic the changing colors of the trees.

In addition to selecting a certain look that you want for an arrangement, you can add fragrant flowers for an extra boost to the senses. Certain varieties of orchid and gardenia plants have pleasant scents and also come in different colors. Make sure you read the information on your plants to be sure you select the right variety; they aren’t all created equal.

The vase that your arrangement is presented in will vary depending on your choice of flowers (use a Barrington Interior Decorator for help in selecting an appropriate vase). If your flowers are long-stemmed, you’ll need a taller vase to support them and keep them upright. Shorter or wider vases are best for an arrangement with a variety of flowers, as it is a better way to showcase and arrange them all. The size of your vase will also depend on the room that you’re making the arrangement to go it; you won’t need a 6-10 inch centerpiece for your bedside table or vanity! Don’t be afraid to trim those stems if need be! The flowers shouldn’t be too tall for the vase, nor should they appear to be peeking out and struggling to be seen!

Think outside the box when making an arrangement to fit your mood and needs. A hollowed-out pumpkin can be a nice alternative to a glass vase when decorating for the holidays, as well as using marbles or fruit inside a clear vase. Anything you find beautiful can amplify your arrangement and add to the ambiance of your home. Always be sure to read the special instructions for the care of your plants and add greenery to keep your plants vibrant and long-lasting! Happy decorating!

For a personal consultation from an award winning Barrington Interior Decorator, call White Oak Interiors today!


The Design of Frank Lloyd Wright – Crystal Lake Furniture and Accessories

“There should be as many (styles) of houses as there are kinds (styles) of people and as many differentiations as there are different individuals. A man who has individuality has a right to its expression and his own environment.” – Frank Lloyd Wright. White Oak Interiors your one stop shop for Crystal Lake Furniture and Accessories to implement a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired residential interio design.

Walter Gale House in Oak Park, Illinois

With an organic style characterized by smooth, clean lines, open floor plans and natural elements, the influence of legendary architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright lives on today. Learn more about characteristics of his style so that you can decorate your home and pay homage!

Unifying, but Unique Look

With the thought that everything in a space should complement each other, Wright believed furnishings should serve as an extension of the home.  Simple furniture that comprised of geometric shapes was used often in his work and they added a simple kind of beauty to the home. Oak and other woods provide a timeless appearance that is also in line with his style and Arts and Crafts style pieces can also work well! He would also incorporate built-in pieces in the design of his homes that included (but were not limited to) window seats, desks, bookshelves and lighting. This helped create the unique interiors he felt each home should have.

Free-Standing and Family-Friendly Functionality

To create open floor plans that achieved a beautiful natural flow, Wright would decorate homes with moveable furniture, as well. Chairs, beds, tables and couches could all be moved around easily to change the aesthetics of a space. Some of his most popular free-standing pieces were in the dining room: a large table with high-backed chairs. This design was made to strengthen the family unit by blocking the outside world from the dining table.

Minimal Materials Crystal Lake Furniture and Accessories

By limiting the use of materials in a room, Wright felt that this could make a space simpler, but more expressive. Oak was a material that he worked with often and extensively, especially in his own home. Natural materials were also used in most of the accents he featured in his work. Geometric stained glass windows, pottery, murals and sculptures fit along seamlessly in his designs to add to the whole of the home.

There was a method to Wright’s genius. When asked about his work on interiors, Wright said, “They are all mere structural details in its character and completeness, heating apparatus, light fixtures, the very chairs, tables, cabinets and musical instruments, where practicable, are of the building itself. Nothing of appliances or fixtures is admitted purely as such where circumstances permit the full development of the building scheme. Floor coverings and hangings are a part of the house as the plaster on the walls or the tiles on the roof.”  By understanding Wright’s philosophy on design, you can appreciate the method to his madness and incorporate changes into your home that honor his vision!


Small Suggestions For Big Christmas Style – Bull Valley Residential Interior Design

You don’t have to spend tons of money on decorating your home for the holidays! These simple changes are sure to bring some holiday cheer into your home without breaking the bank! White Oak Interiors provides Bull Valley Residential Interior Design services for Christmas or any season.

Start Outside to Set the Mood

Wreaths can always be fashionable when done the right way. A plain store-bought piece can be upgraded by gluing your own festive ornaments and candies or you can buy a complete piece that is already decorated with cranberries, lights or bows. Go bold or go traditional. Either way, it will be a lovely way to welcome guests to your home this season.

Target has a beautiful burlap and poinsettia wreath at a steal!

Dress Up your Mantle Bull Valley Residential Interior Design

Many lovers of Christmas are still very much into the tradition of hanging stockings. This is fun for children in the household (stuff with tiny treats!) and an easy way to adorn your mantle. Have some fun and mix and match patterns or let the kids do some customizing of their own.

On top of your mantle, pine cones can be a simple festive addition, as well as candles and ornaments in tall hurricanes for additional flair and extra ambiance in the evening.

Add Some Plants

Table arrangements are perfect for any season. This season, holly (originally hung above doors to ward off evil spirits and encourage good dreams) can be paired with flowers for a wonderful floral arrangement. Ivy can also work well in an arrangement and signifies good luck in the New Year!

Keep your Tree in Tip-Top Shape

Depending on your taste, your ornaments can range anywhere from traditional to eclectic. Most families tend to keep up with their more sentimental pieces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add to the tree! Swapping out an old tree skirt for a newer one with a bold pattern or changing your topper from an angel to a bold star can update your tree tremendously.  Just don’t forget the little details like tinsel or bows! Every little bit counts.

World Market has unique ornaments that complement every style!

No matter what style you lean towards, make sure it is reflected in your holiday decor. Small changes can make a huge impact in the styling of your home. Happy Holidays!



Sail Into Style With a Nautical-Themed Home – Fox River Grove Interior Designer

Nautical style homes encourage your interest in travel without stepping a foot out your front door. With influences from the beach and ocean, their use of natural light helps make a relaxing atmosphere that just begs you to kick your feet up and enjoy yourself! White Oak Interiors (Fox River Grove Interior Designer) can assist in this or any other type of remodeling/redecorating.


The décor in nautical homes are usually comprised of reds, neutrals and blues. Of course when combined with other styles, the complementary colors may vary, but those are the basics. A definite no-no is to add too much color, although, it is more acceptable to add bolder pops of color in the design of a child’s room.


This is another great way to add nautical elements to your home. Patterns could range from the popular stripes that are a staple in this style to plaids. Other geometric designs could work with larger scaling if the homeowner wants a more modern look in their coastal style. You can also find a fun print for your accents in an anchor or shell design!

Fabrics and Materials

You’ll find that since this style is inspired by nature, that the fabrics and materials are more natural as well. Wicker furniture and storage baskets tend to work really well, but you can also use coarse rope! Denim, burlap and linens are other welcome materials and if it’s easy to clean, the better!

Accents – Fox River Grove Interior Designer

Sailboats, oars, anchors. If it reminds you of sailing, then it will probably fit in seamlessly in nautical style. The use of model sailboats or large helms (used as artistic accessories) could be accents that could double as focal points. Maps, nautical stars and starfish are also great accents to create a fun, nautical interior!

Nautical-themed interior design is a great way to incorporate some fun patterns while channeling your inner beach bum. It has all the components of a well-traveled and relaxed lifestyle! Follow these suggestions or Contact White Oak Interiors (Fox River Grove Interior Designer)


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