Popular Home Decorating Trends for 2019

Popular Home Decorating Trends for 2019

When decorating your home, you will want to ensure that it showcases a one of a kind sense of style! After all, you won’t want a house that appears like anyone else’s, as everyone has their own personal taste, which should certainly be reflected throughout their design.

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A wonderful way to add a dash of style to your own home is by utilizing decorating trends! Are you aware of some of the most popular ones that have debuted this year?

We love the new trends that pop up in the interior design world each year! That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, as Chicago interior designers, we have gathered some of the most popular home decorating trends for 2019 to inspire your own interior design. If you would like to discover what these trends are, be sure to continue reading:


  • Indoor Plants

    You have the opportunity to add some natural beauty to your home by having indoor plants on display! Whether you choose a tiny bouquet to top your tables, or an abundant potted plant placed within a corner, you can ensure that indoor plants will add a great deal of style to your space in an organic way. Take a look at Floral Arrangement Inspiration for Rooms Within Your Home.


  • Designer Rugs

    By choosing a rug full of design, you can showcase some pizzazz among your floors! Area rugs do wonders for accentuating a space and highlighting a great deal of style. You can go bold with a solid color, or choose a rug that presents unique elements of style, such as floral designs or patterns. No matter your choice, you will certainly make a statement among your floors!


  • Colorful Fabrics

    Accessorizing your space will allow you to bring it to life! By choosing details that showcase color and design, you can amp up the style within any space. So, consider choosing items such as pillows and throw blankets that are full of color and design, as a way to showcase eye-catching elements of style throughout your space.

Your home deserves to be beautifully designed! These are just a few of the most popular trends that you should keep in mind as you design your own house.

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If you are ready to work with your own interior designer in Crystal Lake, Illinois, please get in touch with us here at White Oak Interiors! We believe that every home should be designed to perfection, and would be pleased with the opportunity to ensure that yours is.


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