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Nautical style homes encourage your interest in travel without stepping a foot out your front door. With influences from the beach and ocean, their use of natural light helps make a relaxing atmosphere that just begs you to kick your feet up and enjoy yourself! White Oak Interiors (Fox River Grove Interior Designer) can assist in this or any other type of remodeling/redecorating.


The décor in nautical homes are usually comprised of reds, neutrals and blues. Of course when combined with other styles, the complementary colors may vary, but those are the basics. A definite no-no is to add too much color, although, it is more acceptable to add bolder pops of color in the design of a child’s room.


This is another great way to add nautical elements to your home. Patterns could range from the popular stripes that are a staple in this style to plaids. Other geometric designs could work with larger scaling if the homeowner wants a more modern look in their coastal style. You can also find a fun print for your accents in an anchor or shell design!

Fabrics and Materials

You’ll find that since this style is inspired by nature, that the fabrics and materials are more natural as well. Wicker furniture and storage baskets tend to work really well, but you can also use coarse rope! Denim, burlap and linens are other welcome materials and if it’s easy to clean, the better!

Accents – Fox River Grove Interior Designer

Sailboats, oars, anchors. If it reminds you of sailing, then it will probably fit in seamlessly in nautical style. The use of model sailboats or large helms (used as artistic accessories) could be accents that could double as focal points. Maps, nautical stars and starfish are also great accents to create a fun, nautical interior!

Nautical-themed interior design is a great way to incorporate some fun patterns while channeling your inner beach bum. It has all the components of a well-traveled and relaxed lifestyle! Follow these suggestions or Contact White Oak Interiors (Fox River Grove Interior Designer)


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