How to Decorate Your Small Bathroom to Appear Larger

How to Decorate Your Small Bathroom to Appear Larger

When using your bathroom, you will surely want comfort and privacy!


However, if your bathroom is lacking in space, you could be risking your comfort. There is a lot that must fit into your bathroom, from your sink to your bathtub, and everything in between. This can leave you feeling cramped and uncomfortable.

Ways to Bring Good Luck to Your Home

Are you battling a small bathroom within your own home?

We believe that every space within a home should be comfortable! That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, we have gathered some tips to assist you with creating your small bathroom to appear larger. Are you ready to gain some great inspiration? If so, be sure to continue reading:


  • Useful Windows. Does your bathroom feature beautiful windows? If so, you should certainly utilize them to your advantage! By using a mirror, you can make your bathroom appear larger. While you will most likely have a mirror over your vanity, using other mirrors among other walls will help to reflect the natural light and showcase a more ample amount of space. Full-length mirrors are a great choice! In addition, you can use windows for natural light. However, if windows aren’t present, consider adding a skylight, if possible.


  • Utilizing Storage. Linen closets are a great way to store your towels and other bathroom necessities. If your bathroom doesn’t offer this option, you can make up for it with configured shelving. This can also be used to hide bulky items, such as a laundry basket. Also, built in wall shelves and organizers are a great way to highlight more space, but without taking up room where you walk. Open shelving is a wonderful option for storage, and can even present its own element of décor. Also, consider having a floating vanity, as it will free up even more floor space.


  • Accent with Design. By choosing a unique accent color or tiled design to feature among one wall, you can draw the eye to that location, which will showcase a larger appearing space. If you choose to present paint, consider light neutrals or bright colors. Or, you can choose tile, to create a unique mosaic among your wall. You will also want to keep in mind that your flooring tile should be large in scale with small tiles being the accent pieces.

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You no longer have to feel restricted with a small bathroom space! You can use these tips to make yours feel much roomier. Here at White Oak Interiors, as a Chicago interior designer, we are happy to help you plan your next design project. Contact us today to share your interior vision and to book your interior designer in Crystal Lake, Illinois.


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