How to Create a Cozy Fireplace Within Your Home

How to Create a Cozy Fireplace Within Your Home

Even though the winter nights are over, you still have plenty of use for your fireplace!


Spring presents warmer days, but the evenings still lack heat. Luckily, your fireplace offers the perfect place to cozy up after a day out in the spring air.

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Your fireplace offers such a warm and welcoming appeal to your home! Therefore, it should showcase a cozy sense of style.

We believe that your fireplace should offer comfort to your home! That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, we have put together a few tips on how to create a cozy fireplace for yours. Read on to discover how you can curl up in front of the fireplace and feel completely comfortable:


  • Wood. Wood doesn’t just belong inside your fireplace. In fact, the smooth finish of wood can create a very appealing look for your hearth. Utilizing wood panels can help you create a warm and rustic element of décor, adding some natural beauty to your space. You can even accent your wooden style with tin sconces, adding even more pizzazz.


  • Brick. Brick is quite a classic look for fireplaces. This is the perfect opportunity to create a traditional and comfortable look for your home. The rich texture of brick will bring a traditional feel to your home. In addition, brick can actually be discovered in many different hues. So, don’t just think that red is your only color option. You can even paint the brick, showcasing texture and color.


  • Tile. Tile is a beautiful way to add some flair to your fireplace. The tile options to choose from are truly endless. From small to large tiles, from bright white to bold red, not to mention unique designs, you can create a style for yoursthat complements the elements of décor within your home.

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Your fireplace should make a statement within your home! These tips can assist you in creating the perfect appearance for yours. Here at White Oak Interiors, as a Chicago interior designer, we are ready to help you design your home. Please contact us today to begin working with your Crystal Lake, Illinois interior designer.


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