How to Choose Lighting for Rooms Within Your Home

How to Choose Lighting for Rooms Within Your Home

You will have many creative opportunities when designing your home’s lighting.


However, one of the most beneficial, yet daunting tasks, may be designing the lighting for your home. The ideas and needs change for every room. Your kitchen may have more light and potential than your bedroom. Therefore, each room has its own unique needs.

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Lighting is a necessity for many reasons, from illuminating the space to creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. You will certainly need to understand the best way to create your own lighting for each space within your home specifically.

We believe that lighting is an incredible element to create a magnificent space. That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, we have put together a few tips on how to choose the best lighting for rooms within your own home. To learn how you can create a stunning design, be sure to keep reading for some great insight:


  • For the mudrooms. One room that often goes unnoticed when planning your interior design, is the mudroom. This handy space is a great place to ready yourself for hard work, and clean up after a long day. The perfect lighting for these types of rooms are sconces or picture lights to help create the perfect ambiance. You can welcome your guests in with muddy shoes and wet raincoats with a little, inviting lights that will not only provide warmth, but an extra element of décor too!


  • Complementing the view. When standing in your rooms, what do you see? For example, when you are standing in your kitchen, what views do you get? Perhaps you see into another room with ease, or people on the outside of your home can see perfectly well into your kitchen. This is a great opportunity to display your gorgeous lighting within the view. Consider placing lights within views of windows, so that you can add some more pizzazz to your space, as well as light up areas that are on opposing sides of your windows as they would be more dim spaces.


  • Light up your island. To create a beautiful and full look for your kitchen, you can consider placing lights above your island. The lighting above will create a powerful appearance that you and your guests can enjoy as you sit at your island. Whether you choose one, single light, or a fixture with multiple, there is so much opportunity for creativity.

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You can be as creative as you please when designing the lighting for your space. These are just a few tips to inspire yours. Here at White Oak Interiors, as an Algonquin, Illinois interior designer, we would be honored to assist you in creating your perfect space. To begin planning your Chicago interior design, please be feel free to get in touch with us today.


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