Ways in Which You Can Add a Country Style to Your Home

Ways in Which You Can Add a Country Style to Your Home

There has always been a special love for the country charm!


The wooden spoons, deep sinks, and earthy décor have presented a warm and welcoming atmosphere to many homes. If you are seeking to add a lovely country style to your own home, you may be in need of some inspiration.

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Luckily, there are many creative ways in which you can bring that country charm to your own humble abode.

Here at White Oak Interiors, we believe that your home should make you feel comfortable and should highlight what you love! That’s why we have put together a few creative ways to add a country style to yours. To discover how you can bring your interior design vision to life, be sure to continue reading:


  • Showcase Natural Details. In the country, you will be up close and personal with nature. You can bring natural details to your home with elements such as honed granite countertops in earthy tones, or nonporous soapstone.
    • In addition, you can add a pop of flair to your walls with the use of wallpaper of earthy tones, such as warm yellows and reds. Beauty can be discovered all over the country! So, bringing the outdoors in is the perfect way to showcase a gorgeous, organic appeal.


  • Repurpose Items. Out in the country, it’s important to make the most out of everything and never to waste. This principle can also be applied to your home’s décor. Make the most of the items you have, and salvage them into something useful.
    • This is your opportunity to take old furniture and remodel it into a new piece! The great thing about the country appearance is that is showcases rustic flair. So, weathering old items and giving them new life will only accentuate the country style.


  • The Perfect Finishing Touches. Finishing touches can really tie your space together. You can bring these refreshing finishing touches to your space with a mosaic-tile backsplash, black iron hardware, apron-front sinks, copper details, and even textured glass. These elements will really bring your country style to life.

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Your home deserves to showcase a gorgeous appearance! These are just a few of the many ways in which you can bring that warm and welcoming country feeling to your own home. Here at White Oak Interiors, as a Crystal Lake, Illinois interior designer, we can assist you with designing your own home. Please contact us today to begin working with your Chicago interior designer.


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