Incorporate a 2017 Color of the Year Into Your Home!

Incorporate a 2017 Color of the Year Into Your Home!

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After a long, hard day at work, carting the kids around to run errands, or even just kicking back after a social event, your home is meant to be a place to relax. You should feel comfortable and at ease within every room of your house. There are many aspects of your home that help you feel comforted, from your oh so comfy couch to the warm, familiar smell.

As you decorate your home, utilizing one of the colors of the year will better assist you in discovering fabrics, furniture and accessories, as most companies will offer products using these hues.

Here at White Oak Interiors, we have such a strong passion for interior design. That’s why we have put together a few reasons as to why you should incorporate a color of the year into your home. If you are looking for a refreshing twist within your decor, be sure to continue reading to learn more:

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  • Pantone’s color of the year, Greenery. Bright, different and versatile, Pantone’s color of the year, greenery, will surely have your home radiating with a bright and vivacious vibe. They say that home is where the heart is. So, why not surround your heart with a brilliant and vibrant color to create a cheerful setting?
    • In addition, the inspiring hue of Greenery is said to evoke thoughts of flourishing and new beginnings. That seems quite necessary for this year, doesn’t it?
    • Greenery is also a very versatile color, as it serves as a universal base for many colors. Using green as a neutral color has become quite trendy, and for good reason! You certainly have an abundance of freedoms when using this stunning hue.

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  • Sherwin-William’s color of the year, Poised Taupe. Woodsy and elegant, Poised Taupe certainly creates a homey appeal within any spaced it is used. If you seeking to represent a cozy atmosphere that represents a sanctuary, this color will do just the trick!
    • You can certainly bring the outdoors in if you use this stunning hue. If you are looking to showcase a rustic sense of the outdoors, but without being overpowering, you can also use Poised Taupe as an accent wall.

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  • Benjamin Moore’s color of the year, Shadow. The richness of the color Shadow can add such a boldness to any space. Sophisticated and fresh, how could you not love this dashing color?
    • Shadow is a gorgeous choice for an accent wall, as it pairs well with classic colors. It is very modern to use many striking color combinations to create an outcome that reflects your personal style.

When remodeling your home, redecorating, or just looking for a fresh coat of paint, it is important to remember to decorate with colors that make you happy. Here at White Oak Interiors, we want to help you create a refreshing and comfortable home that you can’t wait to get to at the end of the day. If you are interested in planning your interior design, be sure to contact us today.


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