Bedroom Decorating Myths That Shouldn’t Be Believed

Bedroom Decorating Myths That Shouldn’t Be Believed

A bedroom is said to be a sanctuary within a home! It is the space that you retreat to after a long day of work, cooking, cleaning, and all of the life’s daily tasks, so that you can relax and unwind.

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However, if you bedroom isn’t decorated to perfection, you won’t receive that relaxation that you deserve!

We believe that every bedroom should be thoroughly enjoyed! That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, as Chicago interior designers, we have gathered some decorating myths that shouldn’t be believed, so that you can go about designing your own bedroom successfully. Would you like to discover what these myths are? If so, be sure to read on:


  • All Details in a Room Should Be the Same 

    When decorating, it’s often assumed that each detail should match one another. However, this just isn’t the case! In fact, if you are showcasing wood and fabrics throughout your bedroom, such as your end tables or bedding, know that these details don’t need to match! By showcasing different styles, you can actually present unique and eye-catching displays, which will add a great deal of diversity to your bedroom in a beautiful way.


  • White is the Only Acceptable Color for a Ceiling 

    The design world is flooded with color. So, you certainly shouldn’t shy away from it! When decorating your bedroom, don’t feel as though white is the only color that can be chosen for painting your ceiling. In fact, you have the opportunity to create a gorgeous focal point within your bedroom by presenting a bold color among your ceiling. You can think of the ceiling as the fifth wall in your room!


  • Everything Must Be Symmetrical 

    There are many elements that you will highlight throughout your bedroom in order to create your space. A comfortable bed, a dresser, photos on your walls; each detail will showcase a great deal of style throughout your space. When designing details, people often feel as though each element must be perfectly placed to showcase a symmetrical presentation. However, know that this just isn’t true! So, don’t feel as though you must have matching end tables that are perfectly placed next to your bed. Or, throw pillows that match and are placed evenly atop your bed. Let your creativity shine, and create a diverse room that makes quite the statement when it comes to design!

Your bedroom certainly deserves to showcase a one of a kind sense of style! These are just a few myths that you can ignore as you design yours.

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