Does your home showcase any statement pieces?

statement pieces

Your home is filled with many beautiful items that speak to your style and character. You have decorated your home to showcase your tastes and to become the perfect living space for your daily needs. You have made memories within your home, and every piece has likely contributed to those memories in one way or another.

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However, your home is also an evolving space. You can be on the lookout for furniture or other items that will allow your home to meet your needs. New pieces are a great way to keep your space fresh and interesting. If you have ever found a piece that you wanted to incorporate into your home, but were worried that it may not fit into the flow of things, there is no reason to worry.

We believe that every piece you absolutely love deserves a chance to make it within your home. That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, we have put together a few very useful tips for incorporating statement pieces into your own home. To learn how you can make the most of that piece you have your eye on, be sure to continue reading:

statement pieces

  • A Special Item. Of every item within the room, each one has its own special attribute. However, they likely aren’t all making a huge statement. Coming together to form a cohesive look, each item blends well to make the room look lovely. Incorporating a special statement piece will allow it to pop.
    • One statement piece is best, as having too many furniture items that contribute their own unique look makes each unique thing less special. Instead of multiple statement pieces in a room, focus on just one.

statement pieces

  • Consider Size. If you are looking for the perfect furniture piece to add to your home that will really make a statement, it’s important to choose a larger item. Think about which item pulls the most attention within the room. For example, your living room showcases your couch as a key part of the room. You can choose a statement couch or sofa to make a “wow-factor”. For your bedroom, it would likely be your bed that would be the best statement piece, as post beds will certainly add to the space. Size will definitely draw in the eye!

statement pieces

  • See the Big Picture. Each room has its own look. So, when you find a piece for a specific room, such as an armoire or dining set, it’s important to take a second and consider the big picture. You will want to ensure that the items that you wish to stand out, are prominently presented within your space. There will be many details in a room to look at, and you won’t want the recessive traits of your space to clutter the image. Also, be sure that you don’t over think every detail, as simplicity can sometimes present the most beautiful appearances.

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Every room deserves to showcase a unique appearance! These are just a few ways in which you can make a statement in the rooms of your home. Here at White Oak Interiors, we would enjoy the opportunity to work with you to create your perfect interior design. Please feel free to contact us today to begin your Chicago interior design.


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