Our pets are our best friends and because of this, we want our animal friends to be just as comfortable at home as we are! You don’t have to sacrifice your style to accommodate your pet – there are a ton of options available these days to decorate the space of your and your pet’s dreams! White Oak Interiors (Lake Barrington Interior Designer) can help you keep your home beautiful and pet friendly.


If you own a dog, cat, or other hairy animal, wall to wall carpet isn’t ideal for your home. Carpet can trap odors and hold stains. Instead, invest in hardwood or tile flooring. Rugs are still a nice option since they can be replaced easily and cleaned quickly. If you just have to have wall to wall carpet, a low pile, tightly woven style would be the best. It won’t hold a lot of dirt and lasts longer than cushier styles.


Whether you are sticking with your old furniture or buying something new, the trick is in the upholstery. Just like carpet, some styles will naturally stain more than others. A fabric called Crypton (it’s similar to suede) has become quite popular with pet owners since it is resistant to stains, bacteria and smells. Leather is another option that is easy to clean and easy on the eyes.

Pet Furnishings

For the pampered pets in your life, there is a huge selection of furniture on the market – some that could even rival your style! A pet bed is a great investment for those that like to keep their pets out of their beds. If you don’t mind pets in your bed, that’s great. If you have a smaller pup, you can add moveable stairs that can help them climb into bed. There are tons of varieties so you can match them with your existing bedroom décor.

For cats, there are coffee tables that can double as little hammocks (think: where you might store magazines underneath a traditional coffee table). There is also a cat bathroom/storage piece that to the naked eye, looks just like a media storage center!

Built-In Options – Lake Barrington Interior Designer

If fish or other aquatic animals are more your thing, you might consider getting a wall-embedded aquarium. It is a beautiful, serene addition to any home and can really liven up your style!

Other built-in options include nooks for “privacy” and food bowls incorporated into your cabinetry.

It is so easy to design a functional pet-friendly space these days now that so many options are available! The most important thing is to keep your space as clean and uncluttered as possible and keep the breakables away (or inside china cabinets)! Your pet will appreciate it!

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