Old World style can borrow from a number of designs, but you can identify it best by noting its superb craftsmanship and artistry accompanied by the use of quality materials. This style is comfortable, but also supports a “broken-in”, well-traveled feel.

Aside from the architectural elements like exposed beams and arched doorways, some features of Old World include Interior Decorating Furniture and Accessories such as:

Warm Color Palettes

Colors are often pulled from nature in this style but they are subtle and warm. You’ll often see dark browns in woods, burgundy, golds and hunter greens. The metal finishes are often distressed a bit to help achieve a worn effect.

Fabrics and Textures

Damasks in floral patterns and tapestries help add Old World charm. Cotton and velvets are must haves, as well as a little fringe and beaded trims. Leather, brocades and silk are also popular.


Natural elements work best. Wood, stone and metal are used throughout Old World homes providing a rustic feel. Wrought iron hardware is one way to complement this style, but other metals can work just as well.

Interior Decorating Furniture and Accessories

Mimicking homes from long ago, Interior Decorating Furniture and Accessories are usually freestanding and can exist outside of other pieces. Couches are generally in a rustic style, yet elegant and made from a combination of wood and textured fabrics in a rich color.


Rich, woven rugs, terracotta pottery, maps and the aforementioned tapestries help add personality to Old World style homes. In this style, showcasing knick knacks in several places is encouraged and helps add to the well-traveled feel. Decorative storage trunks and leather-bound books are also great complements to an Old World home!

Old World style is timeless, rustic and everything is treated as a work of art. Its touches of femininity perfectly coincide with its masculine charm!


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