There are many styles that you could choose to showcase throughout your home. Rustic, vintage, farmhouse; each style presents its own, unique characteristics. However, there is one style that has always been quite popular, and that would be modern!

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Are you wanting to highlight a modern design throughout your own home? If so, know that a modern sense of style is sleek and streamlined. ‘however, it can be warm and inviting as well!

We believe that every home should complement the owner’s personal taste! That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, as Chicago interior designers, we have gathered some ways in which you can showcase a modern style throughout your own home. Would you like to discover what these ways are? If so, be sure to read on:


  • Surfaces

    Many surfaces are presented throughout your home. You can have your surfaces evoking modern beauty by choosing materials such as glass for your tabletops, and organic wood or teak for your kitchen countertops. In addition, know that pure white marble is a wonderful option for bathroom countertops.


  • Color

    You have the opportunity to have your walls highlighting a modern sense of style by adorning them with the perfect color! By choosing to paint yours with neutral colors, you can keep them warm and cozy, while also up-to-date. So, consider hues such as creams, browns, grays, whites, and blacks. In addition, know that you can accent your neutral colors with pops of vibrancy, such as by creating accent walls to highlight hues such as reds, oranges, and yellows, for a stunning combination.


  • Simplicity

    Modern designs often showcase a sense of simplicity. However, this doesn’t mean that your space will be bland or boring! In fact, you can create yours to highlight minimalistic décor in a truly captivating way. For example, you can present a piece of art among your wall that can act as an extravagant focal point within your space. Also, know that by keeping neutral colors throughout your home, you can add pops of vibrancy throughout your spaces, such as with colorful throw pillows and blankets.

Your home deserves to complement your personal taste! So, if you have chosen to highlight a modern sense of style throughout your own house, these are just a few tips to assist you with doing so.

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Are you ready to create your own home with an interior designer in Crystal Lake, Illinois? If so, please get in touch with us here at White Oak Interiors, as we would be excited with the opportunity to assist you with bringing your design vision to life!


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