Characterized by clean lines, neutral coloring paired with bold shades and interesting patterns, Mid-Century Modern style can be an elegant, yet playful nod to some of the retro styles we have grown up around. White Oak Interiors – Cary Interior Designer – can help you get the look that you want!


This design trends to rely on neutral palettes complemented by bold pops of color. It takes inspiration from nature with sunset yellows and oranges, but when paired with the neutrals, keeps the space relaxed. Walls are usually kept white if there is a more traditional styling to the home, letting the furniture and accents take center stage.

Patterns and Textures

This style features some really cool patterns. Geometric prints fit perfectly with neutral color palettes to add a nice amount of texture without going all out with a number of different fabrics. Houndstooth is a welcome pattern in this style, as well as plaid and some more abstract designs.

Furniture – Cary Interior Designer

Relying on natural elements, wood is one of the main characteristics of this style. You will also find that soft leathers can blend well, but wood-accented furniture is the most sought after furnishing. Danish modern chairs are a great example of furniture that complements this style well with its clean lines and wood features.


The accents rely on bold coloring reminiscent of the times or patterns that help them stand out. Pillows are great to accent the simplicity of this style with an out of the box pattern, as well as sunburst-inspired mirrors and light fixtures. Also consider pieces of vintage art that can be hung on the walls and blown glass or structural vases made from other materials!

Overall, Mid-Century Modern design offers a timeless look with its large windows, open space and clean, sophisticated style. You will often find some interesting focal points and accents that command attention, whether they are simple adornments or have an eye-popping color to them. This laid-back style provides an interesting mix of elements that can be incorporated fluidly with a number of styles!


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