Your laundry room is a big part of your home, and it always will be!

laundry room

No matter what, clothes will need to be washed! Therefore, you will need a lovely laundry room to get the job done. However, laundry rooms can become messy and turn into a “catch all” for anything laundry related. Finding things in the pockets of your pants, multiple laundry baskets; your laundry room actually holds quite a bit.

Ways to Bring Good Luck to Your Home

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could show off your laundry room with pride? Well, you can!

Here at White Oak Interiors, we believe that every part of your home deserves to be beautiful, and we want to help you transform your small laundry room into a point of pride within your own home! If you are in need of a little inspiration for transforming your laundry room, be sure to continue reading:

laundry room

  • Using Designs. Paint and designs can be a powerful tool when making a space appear larger. If you use the right hues and patterns, you can create the illusion that your space is much larger than it actually is. Patterns such as stripes are a great option. They can even adorn your floor for a unique twist on your look.

laundry room

  • Drying Options. Sometimes, you have clothing that must not be dried in the dryer. What options do you have with such little space? A standing drying rack is out of the question, unless you are ready to feel squished. Instead, you can use a rod between spaces to create a drying station for your clothing. Choose a rod color that works with your laundry room style and desired look. In addition, fold-down drying racks are a wonderful option.

laundry room

  • Showing Your Best Side. Even if you have the newest model of washer and dryer, or you just want your space to look clean and chic, sometimes it’s best to hide the gears that keep your space running. You certainly don’t want to show off your laundry to the world, especially if your laundry room is a very open and public space within your home. Here are some great tips for making the most out of your space:
    • You can hide your appliances with draperies.
    • To keep items even more organized and hidden from the eye, you could create custom cabinetry installations.
    • Utilizing a deep sink for hand washables and messy clean-up jobs would be ideal.
    • If you have front-loading machines standing side by side, the doors should open in the opposite directions.
    • You will want to keep your ironing board storage in mind, as you will want a space to set-up your board with a convenient electrical outlet.
    • Do you have pets? If so, you can install kennels and storage cabinets for pet food and supplies.

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Every room in your home deserves to be beautiful! These points of inspiration can be great help when you start working on your own laundry room. Here at White Oak Interiors, as an interior designer in Crystal Lake, Illinois, we are happy to help you design your home. Contact us today to discuss your next interior design project and to begin working with your Chicago interior designer.


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