Interior Design Onsite Consultation

White Oak Interiors Owner Carmen Boyer takes the time to understand her clients’ individual needs, and it’s why she begins every interior design project with an in-home consultation. With a core belief that every client deserves and needs personal attention, Carmen Boyer brings the right elements and furnishings together to reflect your personality and lifestyle discovered during the in-home consultation.

Why is the In-Home Consultation So Important?

At our initial in-home consultation we listen to you, and we make a list of your unique goals and challenges for your space. Every room makes a statement about its owner, and at our first meeting we’ll discuss your color preferences and the room’s purpose and style. We will ask about your budget and when you are looking to have the project completed. Next, we will take some preliminary measurements and a few photos to make sure we remember every detail about your space.

Many clients may not have all the answers to these questions at the first in-home consultation. After all, some goals may conflict with another, and you may have to compromise a little to achieve the best possible outcomes for your home or office. For example, you may love a certain flooring or fabric, but you have pets or young children that will make that choice less than ideal.

Interior Design In-Home Consultation Starts By Asking The Right Questions

One of the differences between doing a project on your own and hiring an experienced professional is the professional has probably encountered the problem before and has the experience to find the right solution. Here are just a few questions we will ask during the in-home consultation.

  • What Are Your Wants And Needs? We will talk about your “musts” and your “nice to haves” to help us make the best use of your interior design budget and space.
  • What Type Of Lighting Is Required? Will the room need task or accent lighting or both
  • What Is The Room’s Square Footage? A room’s size affects almost every interior design choice, including its furniture and accessories, appliances and flooring selections.
  • What And Who Will Use Room?
After the in-home consultation is completed we begin preparing our drawings and concept boards to present at our next meeting. If you are considering changing your home or office interior design, why not call the professionals who will give you the personal attention you deserve?

Schedule your in-home consultation today! In addition to in-depth knowledge of products, materials, and finishes, White Oak Interiors has the training and expertise to plan, schedule, execute and manage residential and commercial interior design projects from start to finish. Located at 171 S. Main Street Crystal Lake, IL 60014, please contact us today at 847-854-8892 to begin your interior design project today.

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