Proudly displaying features that homeowners might otherwise consider eyesores, industrial design is raw and has the look and feel of a warehouse. Despite the style’s rawness, it is thoughtfully put-together and can look amazing! White Oak Interiors (Barrington Remodeling) can assist you or do your whole project!


This style mainly deals with a neutral color palette. Grays are popular, but paired with white, offer a crisp and clean feel. Browns can be used as well, but subtle shades work best. This style leans away from bright, bold coloring but everyone styles their own way! There are some lovely industrial homes with bright pops of color.


Metals! Leaning heavily on the use of metals, most kitchens in this style are decked out in stainless steel. Wood also works well and you will often see the two used together. Finishes aren’t always lacquered, either. Depending on the styles incorporated, wood can be grainy and paired with polished steel surfaces!

Flooring – Barrington Remodeling

While wood flooring is a lovely go-to for most interior design styles, concrete is ideal for industrial design. Wood is still a great option, but you can’t beat the rough-edged concrete style. It really holds true to the industrial attitude!


Imperfect paint jobs, exposed bricks, beams and pipes are the main pulls to this style. Because of these characteristics, this style is popular in lofts where some of these elements occur naturally!

Accents – Furniture and Accessories

There are a ton of pieces in this style that pays homage to vintage design, since there are a great deal of them made with metal and wood. Even though this style is pretty minimalistic, you will often see metal accents on walls, statement artwork, unique light fixtures, and tons of repurposed pieces!

Even though this style is modeled after the look of old warehouses, there is nothing boring about it! With cleverly put-together pieces and use of raw materials, industrial design can be interesting and quite unique!


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