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As your child heads back to school this fall, make them feel more at home with these great ideas on transforming their boring, cookie-cutter dorm room to a comfortable place they can relax after a long day of studying. Here are some suggestions from White Oak Interiors – Crystal Lake Interior Designer.

Dorm rooms are usually pretty small and basic. Finding pieces that have a functional use is the best way to help them maximize such a small space. A nightstand or cubby with a bit of storage space for books or other necessities can be a great way to keep their room free of clutter. A trunk can also double as a handy nightstand, also!

Helping them hang some of their favorite artwork or pictures from home is another fantastic thing you can do for your college student. Tapestries can also be fun if they want a bold pattern and thetapestries can be put away easily. It may be frowned upon to hammer nails in the wall of the dorm, but you can get some Command picture hanging strips that will do just as well. The strips come in different finishes and styles, so you can create a customized look that can also help spruce up the dorm room.

Perhaps one of the most popular things for personalizing a dorm room is bedding! A double-sided comforter can be fun. When you get tired of one design, you just flip it over and enjoy the other side for an easy, fresh look. Bed Bath and Beyond have quite a few trendy styles that are sure to complement the dorm life nicely! Trendy throw pillows are also helpful and you can always check Etsy to order customized cases!

Finding some matching desk tools is great motivation to continue studies when back in the dorm room! Dormify has several aesthetically-pleasing sets that can be helpful to bring some order to the chaos that is college! Organizers for papers and other supplies are sure to come in handy!

Dorms rooms can be just as fabulous as a room in your home! By using these temporary fixes, you can provide a comfortable and functional space that can become a


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