A focal point is a place where the lines of a room meet and where the attention is placed when you first enter a room. It can consist of a piece of furniture, architectural feature, or natural features of a room (such as large windows). Focal points can serve to make a statement about a space, but also draw the attention away from flaws. Some people aren’t exactly sure what features in their home create focal points but they can really be found anywhere! Identifying these focal points can help to give your home a sense of organization and flow. White Oak Interiors (Algonquin Interior Designer) can help you with your project! Contact Us Today!!

In your living room, there are a few common focal points. A large picturesque window could be the perfect focal point. Since our eyes are already drawn to natural light, it makes sense that the window as a focal point is a solid choice. Fireplaces are also common focal points in a living area since furniture is usually arranged around it. Mantles are often heavily adorned or include artwork or mirrors.

In a bedroom, the simplest option is the bed. You can easily make your bed stand out by using subtle artwork in the room so to not take attention away from the bed and choosing bedding that stands out from the rest of the space. You can also incorporate a large, dramatic headboard instead or artwork behind the bed to keep the focus there but not on the actual bed itself.

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When considering entryways, the main feature is usually some kind of lighting fixture. Large and ornate works best but that is purely up to the homeowner. Other common entryway focal points include artwork or staircases!

In a dining room, the table is usually the focal point since this is the room for eating. It should always be adorned so that it grabs attention even when there is no food on the table.We prefer the lighting fixtures over the table, however, since it is what sets the mood of the room. Large chandeliers or pendant lights are fabulous in dining rooms and can be admired at any time.

Last, but not least, the kitchen! This is a common meeting place in a home so it can vary. Not everyone has a kitchen table, so an island can be made a focal point, as well as large appliances or decorative backsplashes. Some kitchens have rather impressive windows that can be used as focal points, also.

While we’ve pinpointed some of the most common focal points, there really are numerous possibilities based on the style of your home. No matter the distinct style or character of your home, White Oak Interiors (Algonquin Interior Designer) can find the best focal point for any space or create one if there is a need. We are sure to find options that fit the way you live, while incorporating your personal taste and style!


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