Color has the power to affect your mood subconsciously so it only makes sense to decorate your home according to how you want to feel!

Red – Bring on the drama and attention!

Reds are exciting and create tons of energy. It’s the perfect “look at me know” color if you want to create a statement. Red has been known to increase your heart rate and brain wave activity. It also can be very glamorous, think about the beautiful and intricate designs of an Asian-infused style. The red color scheme and gold accents are the epitome of drama and glamour.

Orange – Creative, dramatic, and happy!

The product of red and yellow, orange is versatile in its characteristics. It has the drama of red with the happy energy of yellow. It’s a great color to encourage a little creative energy, but it also has properties that can stimulate your appetite. Because of this, you may want to avoid decorating a kitchen in orange if you are dieting, but you can always add orange placemats or tablecloths when you are dining with picky eaters!

Yellow – Stay Optimistic!

The color of the sun, yellow provides happiness and optimism to any space. It’s bright, airy, and can also help stimulate your memory. It can make you feel good and help bring the sunlight in, opening up small spaces (think hallways) and making them appear bigger. Too much or too bright of yellow shades can be overwhelming but muted shades are peaceful.

Green – The color of nature and relaxation!

Curing anxiety and giving you peace, green is the color of new beginnings. It helps you achieve balance and harmony while providing a calm, secure, serene atmosphere. Any place that requires reflection or peace should have some sort of green incorporated into it. Emerald greens specifically have more depth with the additional yellow tones, making a space feel luxurious as well. When using greens, think bathrooms, bedrooms, and libraries.

Blue – Peaceful, orderly, and powerful!

These are just a few characteristics of blue. The color of the ocean and sky, blue has one of the most calming effects, other than green. It has the ability to “cool” warm climates, making it popular for coastal home designs. Dark blues are serious and powerful, which may be why men are drawn to this shade the most. Give yourself pleasant dreams by dressing your bedroom in blues!

Purple – The color of royalty and creativity!

With the power of red and calmness of blue, purple is often seen as a “thinking” color, with the deeper hues enhancing artistic abilities. These darker hues often give off an heir of sophistication. Lighter shades can be very calming and perfect for a child’s room or when adding a bit of warmth to a mostly white interior.

Now that you know some of the subconscious effects colors can play on your environment, you can decide the vibe you want for your home. Color can be added through accents, window treatments, a coat of paint, or even a whole piece of furniture.

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