Everyone has heard the phrase “You get what you pay for” at least once in their lives, but when it comes to home design and renovations, that isn’t always true! Designing on a budget isn’t difficult at all if you know where and how to make changes to revamp your home’s style! Here are some tips from White Oaks Interiors – your Fox River Grove Interior Designer.

  1. First impressions! Fox River Grove Interior Designer

    Have you ever dressed a little frumpy and wondered what people were thinking of your appearance? Think of your home the same way! Your home should be welcoming to you and others as well. A few ways to change up the outside look of your home could come in the form of painting your front door a different color, adding potted plants down your walkway, or adding shutters to your windows. Create a friendly environment!

  2. There’s a purpose for everything!

    Sometimes the easiest and most cost-effective project deals with repurposing an item you already own. Coffee tables can be turned into ottomans with a little bit of patience and fabric, and wooden pallets can be stained and cut to create bookshelves. Sometimes you’ve got to use what you’ve got to make what you want!

  3. You’ll score if you store.

    The longer we live in a space, the more things we accumulate. It’s so easy to get lost in the items we see every day and storage spaces can help to alleviate the problem by reducing clutter, which lends more room for designing possibilities. Some ways to cut down on clutter could be designing floating shelves or using existing storage spaces for dual purposes. Cabinets can also be created for something a bit more discrete.

  4. Think outside the box.

    You can switch up a bedroom easily by utilizing space otherwise neglected. Say you use dressers and have no need for a closet, for example. You can turn that space into a recessed sleeping area in a child’s room or add a day bed for a cozy reading nook. Get creative and make the space fit your needs!

  5. Don’t forget about the windows!

    Window treatments are often overlooked but they may be one of most important areas in a home when decorating. Whether you choose slatted horizontal blinds, long vertical blinds, or curtains, there are so many looks your windows can create.

  6. Paint and decorate! -Fox River Grove Interior Designer

    Your drab gray walls could be holding you back. Even if you don’t want to dramatically change the color of your room, an accent wall would help tremendously! If you’re feeling really creative, come up with your own theme and go crazy! Decorate with items that accentuate that theme.  For example, red walls and golden trimmed vases or other decorations really drive home the asian-infused style.

  7. Texturize!

    Never underestimate the fabrics you use. If your floor is usually bare, get a rug! If your curtains are thick and stuffy, try linen or silk! If you have a leather couch, add comfy pillows or a nice throw blanket.

A little bit of paint, patience and penny pinching can work out to your advantage when redesigning your home!

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