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Many people use dens in their home for several reasons: as a gathering place for the family, a library, or tv room. No matter how you’ll use yours, it should be comfortable and functional for you. There are many factors to consider when designing so here are some tips from White Oak Interiors – your Barrington Interior Designer – to get you started with designing your perfect den!

Walls:  The walls of your den will set the tone to what kind of space it will be. You’ll want to pick a relaxing shade, so blues and greens should be considered since they happen to be very calming. With any other room in the house, the lighter the shade, the more space it appears to have. If you are designing a “man cave”, wood paneling and darker, deeper shades of earth tones work well and give off a masculine vibe.

Seating:  Assuming your den will be a meeting place for both friends and family, you’ll want to make sure you have ample seating. Overstuffed couches and recliners are ideal as they are comfortable and relaxing. You’ll also want to make sure that if the area is shared with kids that they have lots of pillows and blankets in case they choose to settle on the floor.

Lighting:  For a den that will primarily be used as a library, you’ll want table lamps and wall sconces nearby sitting areas. For a space that will be used for tv or movies, your best bet is overhead lighting with dimming capabilities for an excellent movie theater experience.

Textures:  For a comfortable and casual look, leather can be paired with wool, suede, or canvas throw pillows and blankets. Area rugs can add texture as well as unconventional patterns on wallpaper or window treatments.

Storage:  You’ll need bookshelves if you prefer more of a library feel, or an entertainment center if you want a space for a television and a place to hold dvd’s, gaming systems or board games.

Personalize:  There is nothing better than a space that reflects your own style and interests. Sports fans may want their walls dripping with memorabilia, whereas animal lovers may want framed photos of animals in the wild and zebra print pillows. You can easily incorporate all your loves into one comfortable, functional space.


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