Rugs can, and will, completely change the look of a room, so it’s easy to see why it can be difficult to choose just the right one. Whether you are completely overhauling your room with White Oak Interiors (Bull Valley Furniture and Accessories), or just want to freshen up the space, a new rug could be the answer. With so many design choices available, it’s important to consider the options before you set out to pick up your new rug. Begin by asking yourself these four questions:

  1. What is the style of the room?

Is it traditional, contemporary or transitional?

  1. What textures do I like when it comes to flooring?

Are you drawn to plush, low pile, woven or shag?

  1. What size rug do I need for the space?

Take the time to accurately measure both the maximum and minimum size to accommodate the space.

  1. Who or what will come into regular contact with the rug?

High traffic patterns, children or pets can change the required functionality of the rug.

It is often helpful to bring color and texture samples of your furniture and wall color with you when choosing you rug as well. We all know what our living room looks like at home, but it’s hard to remember the exact color when we are in a shop with a multitude of choices. Also consider the type of flooring you will be placing your rug on. If it will be carpet, smaller rugs work well in comparison to much larger rugs, used for hard surfaces like wood or tile. A big trend today is to actually layer one or two rugs over each other!

When time comes to purchase your rug, the only way to really know if it is the perfect match for your space is to bring it home and try it out. Check with the store’s return policy and consider purchasing more than one rug. This way, you can take it home to see how it works with the lighting in your home compared to that of the store, and guarantee that it matches with the furniture the way you desire. Take the time to stage your room with the pillows and complementing accent pieces you plan on using, to be sure to get a true feel of your new room.

From here, just sit back and enjoy your newly updated space! For more interior design ideas that will transform your home, schedule an appointment with White Oak Interiors at (847) 854-8892 or use our convenient contact form.


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