Chic wall art, vases filled with blooms, accessories among shelves; many elements of décor most likely adorn your home. Whether you enjoy the style of each piece, or have just gathered décor that calls to you, you have taken then time to beautifully decorate your home. But, if you feel as though you have fallen into a rut, or become complacent with your home’s décor, it may be time for a change!

Completely remodeling your home isn’t always an option, whether it be a lack of time, or a lack of money. However, know that you can still have a refreshing new look for your home, simply, with a few quick tips!

We believe that everyone deserves to feel refreshed and excited about their home’s décor! That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, as Chicago interior designers, we have gathered a few simple tips to assist you with enhancing your own home’s décor. If you are all set to become inspired, be sure to continue reading:

  • Make a Statement. Decorating every wall in a room takes quite a bit of time. Instead of covering the entirety of your walls in a flashy new wallpaper design, paint, or a backsplash, you can choose one wall to decorate, creating an accent wall! Whether you paint your accent wall a bold color, or cover it in unique tile, it will certainly make quite the statement, providing you with the opportunity to enhance your space in an easy way.
  • Utilize Window Treatments. From vibrant or bold colors, to creative designs, you can discover window treatments in virtually any style. Therefore, they are the perfect way for you to easily enhance any space! In addition, know that you can change them up whenever you like. For example, you could choose floral-designs spring, and a rich hue such as green or red for the winter months, making window treatments a beautifully versatile element of décor.
  • Present Vibrant Accents. Perhaps all your space really needs is a pop of color. If your room represents a subtle hue, such as whites, creams, or tans, you can add some pizzazz with your accents. From lamp shades to throw pillows, and even area rugs, you have the opportunity to showcase vibrancy, which will certainly enhance your space! So, adorn your lamp with a festive orange shade. Or, toss some designer throw pillows among your couches. The opportunities for vibrancy are truly endless!

Your space doesn’t have to be remain the same for the many years to come. In fact, with this inspiration, you can enhance your own space in a new way!

Here at White Oak Interiors, as an interior designer in Crystal Lake, Illinois, we understand the value of quality home décor, and would be honored to assist you with planning yours. So, if you are all set to get started, please feel free to contact us today.

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