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Winter weather is approaching and that means that you will likely be spending more of your days indoors staying warm and cozy. While keeping a cozy home is great for such cold weather, it’s important that you don’t begin feeling claustrophobic or cooped up within your space. Just because the outdoors is too cold for your liking, doesn’t mean that you need to feel cramped indoors.

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Keeping your space well-lit and open will allow you to beat the feeling of being cooped up this winter. The winter season is a time to be enjoyed, not to feel trapped within your own home.

Here at White Oak Interiors, we believe that your space should feel comfortable in every season. That’s why we have put together a few tips for making your space bright and airy. Learn how you can feel relaxed and free within your home this season by reading on:


  • Draw Eyes with Patterns. Sometimes, all you need to do is realize how large your space truly is. With patterned tiles, fabric, or elements of décor, you can draw eyes across the length of your space to showcase creativity and intricacy. This will help avoid any feelings of being cramped, as well as lighten up the mood of the atmosphere.


  • Brighten with Mirrors. Mirrors are wonderful for reflecting light. You can incorporate gorgeous mirrors into your space to reflect the natural light, making your space brighter. The mirror will add its own element of décor and bring more light to your space.


  • Pass on Heavy Curtains. Heavy curtains are quite large, and when used can appear to take up much more room than needed. You can pass on them this season to create a more open feel for your space. Instead, opt for more sheer fabric, to let in as much light as possible.


  • A Lighter Color. Color is a wonderful way to lighten up a space. To add some brightness to your space, consider creating a new look with paint. Choose whites or bright pastels to add a warm and welcoming appeal to your space. In addition, the lighter colors will have the room appearing large and airy.

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Your space can feel comfortable, bright, and spacious this winter when you use these tips for inspiration. Here at White Oak Interiors, as a Chicago interior designer, we can assist you in designing your own home. Contact us today to begin planning your own Algonquin, Illinois interior design.


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