Your hardwood floors are likely a beautiful element within your home.

hardwood floors

The gorgeous color, sleek and refined appearance, and the timelessness that it adds to your home is unbeatable. However, this beautiful element within your home is still susceptible to being damaged. Scratches and scuffs can be a hardwood floor’s worst nightmare.

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To keep your lovely hardwood floors in impeccable condition, it’s important to maintain proper care. As with any other detail of your home, it’s best that you know how to care for them so that you can preserve their luminous appearance.

Here at White Oak Interiors, we believe that proper home care is important, especially for your floors. That’s why we have put together a few pointers on how to care for your own hardwood floors. To learn how you can best keep up your beautiful hardwood, be sure to continue reading:

hardwood floors

  • Leave Your Shoes at The Door. Not only do shoes track in a myriad of mysterious germs and elements, but they can also scuff your floors beyond recognition. Heels, sneakers, work boots; every shoe can leave their own mark on your hardwood floors. Instead, try leaving your shoes at the door. If you prefer not to go barefoot, have a pair of slippers or socks ready to change into.

hardwood floors

  • Invest in a Dehumidifier. If you happen to live in a location that is rich in humidity, your hardwood floors are at risk. Investing in a dehumidifier can greatly preserve your floors. In addition, air conditioning is also a great option. It can keep the humidity of your room below sixty percent, the lifespan of your hardwood will exceed your expectations.

hardwood floors

  • Professional Renewal. The season of Summer poses as a high-traffic time for many people, from loved ones visiting to children being home from school for the season. Your floors can certainly take a beating. You can hire a professional to renew your hardwood floors once the summer is over. A professional will clean and seal your hardwood floors to preserve their appearance. Doing this little task every Fall would be ideal.

hardwood floors

  • Time for a Change. It can be refreshing to move your furniture around for a new look. However, it serves another purpose too. In fact, moving your furniture around after a while is great for preserving your floors. If your furniture stays in the same place for too long, it can cause uneven aging on your floors, which certainly wouldn’t be ideal in appearance.

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Your hardwood floors can continue to be a beautiful sight within your home, when you utilize these tips! Here at White Oak Interiors, as a Chicago, Illinois interior designer, we can assist you with your own interior design vision. Please feel free to contact us today to begin planning your home’s design with an interior designer in Crystal Lake, Illinois.


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