Are you thinking about bringing blooms into your rooms?

floral arrangement

Flowers can provide a refreshing look for your home and may even bring an alluring aroma to your space. You can gain quite a bit from displaying flowers in your home, such as new dynamics, interesting shapes, pops of color, and even an organic look.

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Bringing flowers into your home is a wonderful idea, but what floral arrangements will make your space truly shine?

Here at White Oak Interiors, we are happy to see natural décor flourish in a home setting. That’s why we have gathered a bit of floral arrangement inspiration for rooms within your own home. Are you ready to fuel your creativity? If so, be sure to continue reading:

floral arrangement

  • An Array of Hues. If you want to showcase a jaw dropping look for your space, you can capture the magic of the rainbow. Created from an array of hues, a rainbow of color will certainly create a show-stopping appearance when it comes to showcasing a lovely floral arrangement. In addition, it will certainly brighten up your space!

floral arrangement

  • A Kitchen Design. You can begin your floral arrangements within your kitchen. You have so much potential, and the opportunity to create a fitting arrangement for such a room. Consider sprightly herbs and blooms that can elegantly complement them, such as poppies or white ranunculus.

floral arrangement

  • Gorgeous Greens. Greenery may be last year’s color of the year, but it’s always appropriate to appreciate such a natural color. Showcasing greens in a freshly picked style can bring a rustic appeal to your space. If you are looking to create an incredibly striking look for your home, you can display an intricate terrarium of succulents.

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Aren’t these arrangement ideas inspiring? They could certainly make a wonderful addition to your home, or even inspire your own exclusive ideas. Here at White Oak Interiors, as an interior designer in Chicago, Illinois, we can help plan your next interior design project. Contact us today to begin working with your Crystal Lake interior designer.


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