Remodeling Furniture and Accessories

Getting the right sofa for your home is an investment. It will be around for a long time and you need the right one to complement your style, needs, lifestyle and comfort. In your living room, you will probably spend a large amount of time sitting on it and it might also serve as the focal point for your space. Finding the perfect one for your home takes some time but when you find the right one, you’ll be glad you did! White Oak Interiors Remodeling Furniture and Accessories is the perfect place to commission that unique piece of furniture that completes your own living space.

Here are some things to consider:


Is your sofa “for show” to be added to a sitting room or will it be used in family interactions such as a spot to watch movies or cuddle with your sweetie? By figuring out what the main use of your sofa will be, you can determine how soft or firm it should be. This will also help determine the size. If your sofa is more for relaxation, you’ll probably want to buy something fairly large that can sit a few people and is long enough to lie down. It’s good to be mindful of the size of the room. If your living room is fairly small, a large sectional could be a great option. It can help the room keep from being cluttered-looking but also provide the best level of seats and comfort, not to mention it’s great for the taller family members!

Fabric and Fill Remodeling Furniture and Accessories

Do you have kids or pets? Leather and synthetic fibers are easier to clean and more durable than cotton or linen. Slipcovers can help soften the feel and look of any fabric you choose and can also be helpful in keeping your sofa clean. For the fill, feathers are nice and plush but foam helps keep the shape of the furniture. You can choose one or the other, but they also offer sofas with a combination of both!


Is your home more contemporary, traditional or vintage? Think about how your personal style is reflected in a potential sofa. You can always play around with the fabrics, mixing and matching the design style of the piece and reupholstering fabrics to work with your theme. (Think: a vintage style sofa with a country-influenced plaid print.) The legs of the sofa can also determine the style. For example, modern sofas can have wooden, tapered legs. Ask your interior designer what embellishments complement your current style. There are tons of options!


You can get something neutral if you like to change the look of your décor often, using different accents to play around with style. Some people even opt for one big, bold statement piece in their living room instead and get a “look at me” piece in an unconventional color like red or purple. This is all about your personal taste!

Choosing the right sofa for your home can be easy when you take into account what you need. There are tons of styles from loveseats to chaises to sectionals. Need our expert opinion? Schedule a consultation and we’ll use our eye for detail to help you make a beautiful, functional addition to your home! Contact us today!


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