‘Tis the Season – to start creating a new look for your home! With Christmas just a few days away and the New Year soon to follow, now is a great time to start making some simple changes to re-imagine your space. Here are some tips and hints from White Oak Interiors – Bull Valley Residential Interior Design.

You can do this by changing your color scheme. Reds and greens are typically associated with Christmas but if that scheme isn’t working for you, try using white or black with silver and gold accents! With your neutral color scheme, you can pair it with almost any color to help them pop and also carry your décor changes through the new year.  This will help you make the best out of what you already have on hand and repurpose items as you see fit.

When choosing accents, most people tend to keep the same ones throughout the year. If you want to incorporate something a little different, however, try adding some candles or metallic lanterns. Metals will add a shiny and festive element to your home without a lot of fuss.

To adorn tables, look for platters and bowls that will allow you to swap out ornaments or marbles so you can customize the look depending on your mood. You can find a variety of chargers under your dinner plates that serve as an effortless way to set the tone in your dining room. The same goes for slipcovers and throws on your furnishings!

You can even frame wrapping or tissue paper to create artwork on a neglected wall.

If all else fails and you prefer a professional touch, contact us. We have access to antiques that could be otherwise hard to find and we can also make you a customized arrangement that incorporates all your décor needs!

There is no right or wrong way to decorate your home, but these tips will make it a little easier for you to transition the look through Christmas and New Year’s. Add some elements that you absolutely love in order to create the décor of your dreams! Schedule a consultation and we can help you create some more permanent solutions to make sure your home is at it’s best for 2015!


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