With bold coloring, shiny jewel tones, luxurious fabrics and ornately carved wood, Moroccan design has character that is not commonly seen in American homes. Learn how you can transform your home into a beautiful desert oasis with these guidelines of Moroccan design!


Vibrant, attention-grabbing hues are important when creating the ambiance of Moroccan style. The coloring is inspired by the landscape of that area, so you can use anything from ocean blues to deep sunset reds!


Fabric also plays a large role in this style, whether in the form of lush rugs, throw blankets, or window draperies. The materials used are often pretty light and airy and help immensely to soften up the space. Combining a variety of different textures is what helps make this style so interesting!


Expect to see colorful jeweled mosaics with recurring patterns. This can be incorporated a number of ways: with tiling, adorned pillows and even wallpaper. Moroccan design has a lot of rich textures, mostly from these mosaic patterns. Lattice designs are one of the most popular patterns in this style.

Furnishings – Crystal Lake Remodeling

Seating in this style is often low to the ground, reinforcing the need to stay out of the desert heat! Pieces are often ornate, with beautifully carved woods and hand-painted features. Pieces usually incorporate some kind of jewels or gold tones and add a beautiful elegance to a space.


With the colors used in this design mirroring the sea, sand and sky, it makes sense that natural light is a large component of how these spaces are designed. The intricacies of Moroccan lighting fixtures, however, is one of the stand-out elements in this style. Fashioned from metals, colored glass or wood, fixtures often have some interesting patterns – so lighting is dreamy and often extremely romantic.

There is superb beauty and craftsmanship in this style that is hard to rival! WHite Oak Interiors (Crystal Lake Remodeling) can mange the entire project, or part of it. Contact us today! Contact White Oak Interiors


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