A half bath is the perfect opportunity to splurge on a luxurious design with bold colors and patterns. The small space is easy to transform into something that will impress your guests, and you don’t have to be concerned with moisture as you would in a full bath. How can you achieve this gorgeous powder room? Here are a few tips from White Oak Interiors, your Crystal Lake Interior Decorator.

  1. Use Antiques –

    In place of a standard vanity, use an antique table fitted with a sink and faucet. Or add an antique framed mirror, sign or other accessories to add character to the bath.

  2. Add Glam –

    The smaller room means you can purchase less to fill it. Splurge on high end fittings that will make a statement. A chandelier is one way to do this.

  3. Pamper Your Guests –

    Half baths are more often used by guests and not every day. Swap out the usual towels, soap and lotion for something more fancy, and add fresh flowers when you’re entertaining.

  4. Round it off –

    Small bathrooms can easily begin to look like confined small boxes. Rounding vanity corners or other furnishings will solve that problem.

  5. Invest in Good Lighting (Crystal Lake Interior Decorator) –

    The chandelier will add glamour, but not functionality. Consider wall sconces on either side of the mirror to add necessary light, but still complement the space.

  6. Use Patterns –

    Bold patterns in both fabric and wallpaper make a statement in a small room, as well as raise elegance.

  7. Add Color –

    Deep, rich color, glossy or textured finishes. If there has been a design element you were hesitant to try in a larger room, the half bath may be the perfect place for it.


What other features have you seen in a phenomenal half bath? Feel free to share them with White Oak Interiors! For more questions about renovating a half bathroom, contact me directly at 847.854.8892 or fill out our convenient contact form.

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