Fall is on the way. So, know that the days will be getting shorter, and darker. Therefore, you will want to keep your home appearing as light and airy as possible. After all, if rooms with your house appear brighter, you will surely feel more relaxed and energized within them.

However, there are most likely some rooms throughout your home that just don’t get enough natural light. This is especially frustrating if renovating your space isn’t an option, or if it isn’t easy to construct a new window within your home. But, know that you have some options for designing your rooms to appear lighter!

We understand that your home needs to be comfortable in every way possible! That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, as Chicago interior designers, we have put together a few interior design tips to assist you with bringing more light into your dark spaces. So, If you want a cheery and bright environment within your own home, be sure to continue reading for some great advice:


  • Display Bright Art

    There are bound to be some darker paintings, photos, or elements of wall décor that you will want displayed within your home. If you have an already dark room, you can avoid making it darker by hanging these dimming art displays. Instead, take your brighter décor, and hang it in your darker room. By doing so, you can bring a lighter feel to your room. Also, avoid dark paint colors, as this can make the room appear even more dim, and smaller.


  • Utilize Mirrors

    Sure, you may not be able to create new windows that allow light in. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get more bang for your buck out of the light already provided. Mirrors are a wonderful way to reflect the light that is already in a space. So, consider investing in a large mirror that will look beautiful, hanging across the room from your biggest window. This will allow you to double the amount of light in your room.


  • Accentuate Your Windows

    Sometimes, it’s not about the lack of windows within your room. The lack of light shining into your room can actually be caused by an outside force, such as a tree in front of your window. This is virtually, a cost-free way to allow more light into your home, without changing anything inside it. If you have a tree stopping your home from shining bright, you can solve the problem with some perfectly placed snips. Keeping up on your trees allows continuous light flow and makes it less of a hassle in the long run.


  • Forgo the Heavy Window Treatments

    Privacy is a huge part to enjoying your home. However, dark and heavy window treatments don’t have to be your answer! Instead, you can try translucent shades, allowing light to disperse throughout the room. Your room doesn’t have to become a lair for you to enjoy a little privacy.

When your home doesn’t have enough sunlight, you may want to add more. Renovation isn’t your only option to make your home brighter, as these interior design tips will certainly help! Here at White Oak Interiors, as an interior designer in Crystal Lake, Illinois, we know how important a cheerful setting is for a home. So, if you are ready to begin styling your space, feel free to contact us today.


Photo Credit: H Photography

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