Autumn is finally here! As the weather gets cooler, crisper and we begin to dig out all of our comfortable sweaters, this is one of the key times that people also change the décor in their homes! To reflect the changing of the seasons, White Oak Interiors (Barrington Window Treatments) has a few tips to help you make some small changes to decorate your home for the season!

Color and Texture

Natural fibers and colors in red, orange, yellow and gold are very popular for the season to help warm up the home. A few cleverly placed accents can be all that you need to flawlessly execute fall style. Incorporate some natural materials like woven baskets that can act as an effortless way to stay within the style while doubling for extra storage or cork accents for an interesting change! Dress up your couches with throw pillows that have floral, leaf or the fall color palette options. For an extra pop of color, include some black or cheetah prints to your décor that will help the other colors really stand out!

Flooring and Windows – Barrington Window Treatments

Dress up your flooring with rugs that feel great underfoot. Choose from soft wool if you like plush rugs or something like sisal that is durable but made from natural fibers. Window curtains can also be used to add another element to warm up your home. Bold patterns, textures or single colors can give a cozy boost to your home!

Table Arrangements

You don’t have to have a big dinner party in order to put a little effort into your table arrangements! Feathers, gourds, and leaves can all be used to create a dazzling display perfect for the dining room, coffee table and even bedside. Metallics add an extra level of sophistication so if that is the look you’re after, gold may be a great option! Think outside of the box and see what works for your room. It could be as simple as stacking pine cones in vases of varying heights and grouping pillar candles or as elegant as a White Oak Interiors display featuring pheasant feathers or dried artichokes.

There is no one way to decorate for the fall but by using the traditional colors and playing around with natural elements, you can bring some warmth into your home and bring the season in the right way!

To find out how you can get your hands on one of our custom table arrangements, give us a call at (847) 845-8892 or schedule a consultation and tell us what you have in mind!


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