Have a petite sized townhouse? A tiny teeny kitchen or living room? Smaller spaces don’t have to mean halting your interior design dreams. White Oak Interiors (Lake Barrington Remodeling) can build a design that accommodates your small space, making it both desirable and functional.

Here are White Oak Interiors (Lake Barrington Remodeling) Tips to Decorating a Small Space:

  1. Keep in mind, a light color palette such as warm white or vanilla will give the look of more space, and a darker color palette will create warmth and coziness.
  2. In a kitchen, make the room feel more intimate by placing a table lamp on the counter.
  3. No matter the room, think of ways to make furniture be multipurpose like a gallery shelf off the staircase or ottomans that double as extra seating.
  4. Ditch the coffee table and use small side tables instead. They take up less space and allows for furniture to be moved around more easily as well.
  5. Consider extending rooms outside – glass doors allow more light and elongate the space.
  6. Get creative with storage – baskets under beds, shelving above doors. Hidden storage spots can be everywhere.
  7. Don’t forget to look up! Tall shelving, hanging pot racks and the space above cabinets can all be incorporated into the design of your room.
  8. Use a fabric curtain if you can to divide a room, designate closet space or conceal the laundry area.
  9. Try a sink outside the bathroom. In home with only one bathroom it’s easier for multiple people to get ready when there is a sink and mirror just outside the bathroom door.
  10. Turn a banquette into a guest bed so it’s functional for your everyday use, but can still accommodate visitors.


Don’t let the fear of a small space put an end to your dream home visions. White Oak Interiors has experience designing rooms of various sizes, and creating spaces that work for your everyday life. Contact us at (847) 854-8892 to begin creating the space you have been dreaming of.

When you have the option of designing a kitchen fit specifically to the needs of your family, you don’t want to miss a thing. Here are a few of White Oak Interior’s ideas to get your mind thinking about your family’s new kitchen:

Designing a kitchen with activity zones such as one for food preparation, cooking, washing-up, making coffee or school lunches helps keep busy families organized. Let White Oak Interiors plan and manage your remodel (Lake Barrington Remodeling) !


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