With all the different styles of design and accessories one can add to their décor, sometimes we can forget about one of the main features of our home: the floor. With the ability to make a dramatic difference in appearance, it can also add value when done correctly. There are about 10 popular kinds of flooring, each different in looks, manufacturing and quality. White Oak Interiors (Algonquin Remodeling) has compiled a summary:

  1. Hardwood Flooring – Algonquin Remodeling

    This is one of the most commonly used types of flooring. It is timeless and can be used seamlessly with any design style. Hardwood floors are naturally beautiful, durable and made from a variety of trees: cherry, oak, maple, hickory, and so many more!

  2. Bamboo Flooring

    Although bamboo is a grass, it can be considered a cousin to hardwood. With almost the same planked look, it is lighter in color and about the same cost. Bamboo is a durable material and because of its ability to grow in nature, it is considered sustainable and environmentally sound.

  3. Ceramic Flooring

    This flooring is available in a number of shapes, sizes, and textures. Because of this, it can be a costly addition but it is worth the price if you want a unique flooring pattern. Ceramic tiles come in 4 types: glazed, quarry, porcelain, and terracotta.

  4. Linoleum Flooring

    Made from a combination of linseed oil, recycled wood flour, and limestone, linoleum is another environmentally friendly choice and it is also antibacterial. Mineral pigments are added to linoleum to provide color and tiles are usually sold by the desired thickness since they are backed with burlap or canvas. They are virtually maintenance free and can really take a beating.

  5. Laminate Flooring

    Great for high traffic areas and resistant to burns, scratches, and chipping, laminate flooring is most often used as a cheaper alternative to hardwood flooring. It won’t fade due to heavy sunlight exposure and damaged planks are very easy to replace. If you have kids in the home, this is a great choice. With special underlayment, the noise of footfalls is drastically reduced.

  6. Marble Flooring

    An elegant choice, the coloring and personality of marble slab is fairly unique with unparalleled beauty. With a great polish and in the right light, the colors in marble almost sing and offer a hint of a glow. Marble is fairly easy to install, but is very heavy to move and place. They also can scratch easily so they require almost constant maintenance.

  7. Carpet Flooring

    With so many options of color and texture available, carpet is by far the most versatile option for flooring. Installation of big pieces can be difficult but if you want to install it yourself, it is available in tiles. This can help with maintenance; you can switch tiles out in the event of a stain or spill instead of having to get the whole piece replaced. Carpets are made out of wool or synthetic fibers such as nylon, acrylic, polypropylene olefin, and polyester.

  8. Granite Flooring

    If you love stone floors, this is another worthy option. It’s one of the most durable and versatile stones and the colors are brilliant. Please beware: while the durability and look are excellent, it could also be problematic. Shining these surfaces brings out the beauty but also make for a slippery surface. This is one of the hardest stones so keep that in mind!

  9. Vinyl Flooring

    Relatively inexpensive and maintenance free, vinyl tiles are soft underfoot and can mimic the look of real stone and wood but at a fraction of the cost. The coating on vinyl tiles helps resist scratches or stains and when taken care of correctly, this flooring can last years!

  10. Cork Flooring

    Made from tree bark, this is another sustainable material. It is comfortable underfoot and always has a warm, natural appearance. The absorbency of the cork helps it hold color really well but this flooring will need to be resealed often to keep stains and moisture out.


Now that you know you have an abundance of options, you can find which one is right for your home. For our expert opinion, schedule a consultation and we can explain more to help you transform your home! Contact Us


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