Brace yourselves, Thanksgiving is approaching! This is one of the bigger holidays that we spend with our loved ones so why not enjoy it in style? From ways to accent our tables with accessories to creating focal points, White Oak Interiors (Crystal Lake Furniture and Accessories) shares some great ideas to consider to get your home in tip-top shape for entertaining!


Appealing color schemes that provoke the appetite and complement your existing décor works great for Thanksgiving.  Working within the fall color palette, orange is great for stimulating the appetite and is also associated with eating healthily. Yellow, is all about feeling happy and having fun – a perfect recipe for joyful Thanksgiving gatherings! Don’t discount accents in other colors, though! Purples, gold and black also make for lovely complementary additions, they really help the other colors pop!

Natural Accents

Fall is known for the use of natural elements to bring out the spirit of the season. You can incorporate some natural elements through displays of varying sized pumpkins or pine cones on the mantle, throw pillows with leaf patterns, themed wall art and creative place cards to assign seating.  The possibilities are endless. Make it interesting!

Table Settings

Since this holiday is usually about the food, it’s no surprise that we’ll see great table settings. You want to be sure you have a nice variety of tableware to accompany any dish that will be created, mixing and matching to find the perfect look. Some people opt for white dinner china and work within the fall palette for their napkins, others use already adorned tableware with pears or other patterns reminiscent of the season. Placemats can also be used creatively through the use of burlap or another fabric that can add some interesting texture to the table.

Focal Points – Crystal Lake Furniture and Accessories

Whether gathering around the fireplace for great conversation or focusing on the dining room that gets a lot of action around this time, creating focal points to these areas is ideal. For your fireplace, instead of adorning the mantle like we mentioned previously, you may want to think about choosing some rich coloring to draw the eyes to the area. You can also place a mirror or large piece of art at the top. These are pocket-friendly solutions that can give your fireplace some much needed TLC.

“If you wish to create a focal point in your dining room, consider placing artwork across from the table about a foot above the top of the table or even an elegant fixture to hang overhead. Centerpieces of fall florals may be the most popular focal point for a dining room this season. Creative arrangements can range anywhere from candles to flowers to gourds. White Oak Interiors has several options to create a festive centerpiece for your dining area to create the perfect focal point. Made from natural materials such as dried berries, leaves, feathers and other materials like silk flowers, wired ribbons and glitter, we can help with making sure you have the dining room of your dreams this season! Thanksgiving gatherings are a time to cherish, make sure yours is one to remember! Call us at (847) 854-8893 or


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