Evoking serenity and tranquility, Asian-inspired interior design pulls from influences from China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. While each location has its own distinct characteristics, the elements of these styles can be combined fluidly to create a beautiful and calm environment. Think Asian-Inspired design is the right style for you? Here White Oak Interiors (Cary Interior Designer)  discusses the wonderful elements of Asian-Inspired design!


Using colors from nature and scenic landscapes, walls in homes with Asian design are usually fairly neutral with creams, but can be adorned with vibrant reds and pinks of sunsets and cherry blossoms. Blacks are also used and help these colors stand out beautifully. Some styles that rely more on influences from China, in addition to the red and pink, you’ll also find some kind of purple! Gold is another popular choice for Asian-Inspired style (borrowing heavily from China) to add an exotic, almost regal environment.

Natural Elements – Cary Interior Designer

The use of natural materials is a must for this style. Your couch may not be made of sustainable materials but this can be incorporated through the use of bamboo window treatments, rattan rugs, or tatami mats. Wood is used quite often in this style, with some of the most beautifully finished woodwork. Polished stones and potted plants also work beautifully to bring nature indoors to help with the calming ambiance. More often than not you’ll find tons of an abundance of organic accents. The Japanese influence of Asian décor incorporates the most influences from nature.


In this style, the fixtures used for lighting are just as important of the other furnishing in the home to create a dramatic or calm space. You can find something as simple as sets of carefully placed candles or you may see paper lanterns and light sculptures. Regardless of your choice, everything in Asian décor is placed in such a way as to contribute to the overall Zen of the homeowner.


This is all a matter of personal taste, but again, small potted plants or stalks of bamboo can be used to adorn an Asian-inspired home. Other common accents are ornate tapestries, paper fans, jade carvings, and even partitions with landscapes. There is no one way to adorn an Asian style home but these are all fairly common.

Asian-Inspired design is all about finding beauty in natural elements and finding the right balance in furnishings. It should be soothing and relaxed and accentuate the beautiful features of your home. Think this style is right for you? Schedule a consultation and find out how we can help bring balance to your space!


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