There are so many reasons people remodel their kitchen! They may want to introduce appliances that have updated technology, create more room to accommodate the volume of cooking they do regularly or they just may want to create a whole new look! White Oak Interiors -Barrington Remodeling- is the perfect partner to bring your kitchen up to the level you deserve.

No matter the reason, the options that are available to the homeowner should be thought out to ensure that the remodel is within their budget and functional to their lifestyle!

Know Your Needs -Barrington Remodeling

The cooks in a larger family are often familiar with the struggle of making large meals to accommodate everyone. Counter space is a must and the need for appliances that have several functions is understandable. Finding the right layout is just as important as deciding what the desired look will be and it is important that the homeowner can express these needs to get the kitchen they want!

Have a Budget in Mind!

Projects don’t always go as planned. A starting idea of how much that should go into a project is important. Several factors have potential to alter the cost dramatically, such as countertop materials, finishes, cabinet style, additional features and appliances. White Oak Interiors can assist you in the selection and planning process of your remodel to ensure that everything is within your budget while making sure all of your needs are met!

Have Some Ideas

Everyone has seen pictures of a beautiful home and thought to themselves “I’d love to have this (insert room here)”. To further express what they would like, photos are great to show a designer so that they have some kind of idea of what the homeowner is aiming for. It could be a certain color, fixture or finish, the height of a stool in ratio to the kitchen island or a double oven that they need to bake all of the favorite family sweets – anything helps! By giving us a “must” list, we can begin to plan out an amazing space!

There are many other technical aspects to creating a flawless kitchen remodel, but these details depend on the communication of the homeowner to us. We guide ideas with our knowledge of design to create an ideal space. We want to help you make the best choices for your home so that you can live comfortably! Contact us to get a consultation so we can help you create your dream kitchen! Contact form – Expert Kitchen Remodeling

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