When planning a bathroom remodel, many factors will influence the choices you make. From hardware to more specific accommodations, there is an option for everyone! White Oak Interiors (Lake Barrington Remodeling) reviews some things that will influence your bathroom remodel:

Your Budget -Lake Barrington Remodeling

Whether you want a complete remodel or simple updates that can change the whole feel of your washroom, your budget can be a great guide! Instead of a big project to totally gut and reposition your sink or toilet, you can simply update the vanity or swap out fixtures for a more striking appearance. There are many ways White Oak Interiors can work within your budget while helping you find the look you are after.


Granite, quartz or tile? These materials are commonly used for bathroom countertops because of their durability. Not sure which fit your needs? That’s what we’re here for!  Whatever you put in your bathroom will be used often and should be of the best quality to avoid problems down the line. The same goes for other hardware and fixtures in your bathroom. You simply cannot skimp on these precious details, so we’ll make sure to find you the best option.


Shelving can be a lifesaver when you’re attempting to keep a space clean and tidy. We recommend that if you are going to do a remodel in your bathroom to consider some independent or built-in shelving. This could come in the form of open shelving under the sink, a shower niche or recessed shelving in a wall (if you are doing a more extensive remodel). It may not seem like it initially, but these things are really helpful when creating a functional bath!

Paint/Wallpaper and Accent Tiles

A little flair never hurt anyone and this can be a simple part of a remodel that can add tons of character and attitude to your bathroom!  Go for a bold print or a single color that complements the rest of your home. Add a tiled pattern to reinforce your color scheme. There is no wrong way to liven things up. Even if you pick a simple black and white mosaic, the visual interest will really add beauty and value to your bathroom.

There are more in-depth aspects of a bathroom remodel, but these basics are important when starting the planning process. Handicap-Accessible accommodations and other lifestyle necessities can be achieved, but these simple plans and our knowledge of design will give you everything you need for a flawless remodel!


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