Those moments that you walk into spaces with antique furniture, you get a blast from the past. The modern furniture has advanced quite a bit, making older furniture seem unworthy of your modern designs. However, there are still sets of furniture that are more than capable of making your home look stunning.

Tips for Transforming Your Bedroom into a Retreat

Do you know what pieces of furniture will never go out of style?

Here at White Oak Interiors, we love furniture, as there are so many unique and beautiful pieces that add such great personality to homes! That’s why we wanted to share some of the top pieces of furniture that will never go out of style. If you would like to discover what these pieces are, you will certainly want to continue reading:


  • Comfy Tufted Headboards. Headboards are a beautiful way to provide a little extra pizzazz to your bedroom! In fact, tufted headboards are still going strong and creating a sense of style and beauty in the bedroom. Also, it helps to have a little cushion at the head of your bed, especially if you move around while you sleep.


  • Gorgeous Wingback Chairs. You have likely seen beautifully designed wingback chairs that pose as a comfortable addition to your space. These unique chairs are specially designed to protect you from drafts and keep you cozy and warm by the fireplace. Who could resist taking a rest after a long day’s work in one of these unique chairs? No wonder they will never go out of style!


  • Beautiful Long Chaise Lounges. Literally meaning “long chair”, chaise lounges are a sophisticated piece of furniture can add culture and elegance to any space. You will certainly create a stunning look for your home with this always stylish piece of furniture. So, place one within your space, and lounge away!

Unique Design Trends for Your Home

Every home should present some unique furniture! These are just a few pieces that you won’t have to worry about going out of style. Here at White Oak Interiors, as an interior designer in Crystal Lake, Illinois, we are happy to assist you with designing your home. Please contact us today to share your vision for your home and to begin working with your Chicago interior designer.


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