Window Treatments & Seats to Fit Your Style

To reconnect with the outdoors from inside, try a stylish and functional window seat! They can be a wonderful addition to any home and can aid in providing a great space to nap, eat, read, or even hide flaws in the home. Combined with custom window treatments, the effect is both attractive and practical.

The kitchen is a great place for custom window treatments such as a window seat. Assuming you have large or corner windows in the kitchen, a window seat could serve several purposes. It could be a spot to enjoy the day’s cup of coffee and newspaper in the morning or the seating can be used to create a banquette. The kitchen is usually the hub of the home and a window seat here will help free up space and be a great place to relax when the family gathers.

Window seats in the bedroom might be every child’s dream space. If you use a cushioned mattress in this area, it can be accommodating to their overnight guests and be the ideal spot to help cultivate a child’s love for reading.  An added bonus for the adults, you can add some cabinets underneath to create some discrete storage options for toys or other knick knacks and even some cubbies to keep shoes out the middle of the floor!

In a living room or den, window seats can provide a quiet nook to read or do some gazing outside. A customized nook can incorporate extra space for a bookshelf and an arched ceiling over your nook can make you feel very snug. Even if you don’t plan on reading, it’s still one of the best seats in the house for tv watching!

No matter what room you decide to put in a window seat, there is so much you can do with them! If storage is your thing, seats with hinged tops and drawers will allow you to slip in blankets or anything else you need out the way. Unsightly radiator? Some clever paneling can help you hide it, while also giving access to it in case it’s in need of repair!

Window seats are most commonly seen in older model homes but they can easily complement some of today’s styles just as well!



Introducing White Oak Interiors! Crystal Lake Interior Designer

With hundreds of successfully completed interior design projects and over 16 years of experience designing in the Chicagoland area, White Oak Interiors – Crystal Lake Interior Designer- is committed to excellence, innovation and building lifetime relationships. No matter the limit to your budget, there’s no limit to the talents of Carmen Boyer and her trusted team.

When you hire White Oak Interiors – Crystal Lake Interior Designer, you benefit from the expertise of a comprehensive design team who can solve problems, save you time, help you avoid costly mistakes, and most importantly, create an attractive, affordable space designed specifically to meet your lifestyle needs.

In addition to in-depth knowledge of products, materials, and finishes, White Oak Interiors has the training and expertise to plan, schedule, execute and manage projects from start to finish. We know and work closely with many vendors, contractors and other service providers to coordinate and orchestrate the entire design team. We also provide exclusive connections to procure materials, furniture, accessories and art – some of which you might not be able to find on your own.

We hope you find inspiration for your future design projects from this blog and that you will connect with us on Facebook and Houzz! Contact Us Today!

How to Begin Selecting the Right Custom Window Treatments – Crystal Lake Window Treatments

It can seem a bit intimidating when shopping around for the right window treatments but it can be done once you find out what purpose they will serve in your home and the look you would like to achieve. Here are some tips from White Oak Interiors – Crystal Lake Window Treatments:

Privacy or Decoration?  Some people enjoy the natural streams of light whereas others tend to like their homes dark and a bit more private.  If you prefer a sunnier room and mainly want decorative treatments, then unlined curtains are your best bet.  For more privacy, lined curtains are essential.  They are a bit more durable than their unlined counterparts, block out more natural light, and help tremendously with insulation.  Some curtains even have special interlinings, which are sewn inside the curtain and make them extra thick.

Look and Feel.  Textures are extremely important to the look you wish to convey in your home.  Heavier fabrics, such as velvet, are usually for more formal rooms.  They are a pain to clean, though.  Rayon and cotton blends look great and are more practical.  Maintenance is fairly easy.  Cotton and cotton blends tend to look great anywhere, no matter the décor.  They have a very clean and neat look.

Color and Pattern.  You will want your windows to complement your décor in some form or fashion so it is ideal to pick a shade that is subtle and can be found in the room you are decorating, such as a shade of blue in a throw pillow.  If you are looking for a more daring effect, you might not want to complement the room at all but choose a bold color for that “wow” factor.  Whatever you do decide, you’ll want to keep your patterns to a minimum if your furniture is already patterned.  Conversely, too much of no pattern at all comes across a little dull and boring.

Now that you know the purpose your treatments will serve and what kind of feel you’re going for, your interior designer can help you pull it all together with the right rodding, length of treatments, etc.  White Oak Interiors can help you find the perfect window treatments for any room in your home.  Call us today and let’s discuss!


Decorating for Autumn – Barrington Window Treatments

Autumn is finally here! As the weather gets cooler, crisper and we begin to dig out all of our comfortable sweaters, this is one of the key times that people also change the décor in their homes! To reflect the changing of the seasons, White Oak Interiors (Barrington Window Treatments) has a few tips to help you make some small changes to decorate your home for the season!

Color and Texture

Natural fibers and colors in red, orange, yellow and gold are very popular for the season to help warm up the home. A few cleverly placed accents can be all that you need to flawlessly execute fall style. Incorporate some natural materials like woven baskets that can act as an effortless way to stay within the style while doubling for extra storage or cork accents for an interesting change! Dress up your couches with throw pillows that have floral, leaf or the fall color palette options. For an extra pop of color, include some black or cheetah prints to your décor that will help the other colors really stand out!

Flooring and Windows – Barrington Window Treatments

Dress up your flooring with rugs that feel great underfoot. Choose from soft wool if you like plush rugs or something like sisal that is durable but made from natural fibers. Window curtains can also be used to add another element to warm up your home. Bold patterns, textures or single colors can give a cozy boost to your home!

Table Arrangements

You don’t have to have a big dinner party in order to put a little effort into your table arrangements! Feathers, gourds, and leaves can all be used to create a dazzling display perfect for the dining room, coffee table and even bedside. Metallics add an extra level of sophistication so if that is the look you’re after, gold may be a great option! Think outside of the box and see what works for your room. It could be as simple as stacking pine cones in vases of varying heights and grouping pillar candles or as elegant as a White Oak Interiors display featuring pheasant feathers or dried artichokes.

There is no one way to decorate for the fall but by using the traditional colors and playing around with natural elements, you can bring some warmth into your home and bring the season in the right way!

To find out how you can get your hands on one of our custom table arrangements, give us a call at (847) 845-8892 or schedule a consultation and tell us what you have in mind!


Art Deco Elements in Interior Design – Crystal Lake Interior Design

Evoking the glamorous style popular in the 1920’s and 30’s, Art Deco is a breathtaking mix of geometric shapes, glossy finishes and grandiose rooms. It is uncommon to see a residential home decked out completely in Art Deco design these days, but you can incorporate a number of pieces that still hold true to the style. White Oak Interiors (Crystal Lake Interior Design) reviews some great elements of Art Deco style:


Expect to shine! There are tons of mirrored pieces in this style, from vanities to coffee tables. Wall mirrors were common in sunburst form or other layouts, adding a bright, dramatic quality. Even in bathrooms, there was an abundance shine. If there was no place to incorporate mirrors, stainless steel or chrome did the trick.

If surfaces weren’t mirrored, they would often be made of exotic, high-priced wood. Mahogany and ebony were sought after, but even the less expensive woods would do, as they all were lacquered heavily to amp up their shine!

Furnishings -Crystal Lake Interior Design

Chairs and other pieces usually had some kind of wood inlay or metal incorporated into it. This was because at the time, there was a big manufacturing boom that made it easier to create these intricate pieces. There was always something interesting to see, whether it was an eclectic armchair made of leather and wood or a beautiful headboard.

This is a day bed from the apartment of George Gershwin, 1928


Metals, glass and mosaic tiles help to add to the ambiance of this style. Tiling was very intricate and included wonderful geometric patterns. Accents would also have an abundance of jewels or stones in them! Glass chandeliers and small accessories served to amplify the beauty of the style.

Art Deco is a very thoughtful style, as everything was detailed to ensure the most glamorous and intricate surroundings. It is a classic and noteworthy style that is unrivaled in its beauty!


5 ways to Make Large Rooms Cozy and Inviting – Cary Window Treatments

Small spaces often pose a challenge for homeowners when searching for the right furnishings and accents, but these challenges are common for those with large homes, as well. Whether you’re short on furniture or the ceilings are really high, these tips can help make a larger space more inviting and comfortable!

  1. Break down big rooms.

    Designating areas for different functions is one of the best ways to make a big space less overwhelming. This could consist of a lounging area for watching television, overstuffed chairs or a nook for reading, or a makeshift work space. Make the room fit your needs!

  2. Change the focus.

    Any visuals that can help draw the eye to different areas would be extremely helpful. Try to give each area its own focal point when possible. This could be in the form of a television, lamp or art.

  3. Make smart use of lighting and color – Cary Window Treatments

    You need to make sure that a large room has enough light or it will be dark and dreary. Darker colors paired with great lighting can help bring the room in some and make it more comfortable. A great visual illusion that helps with large rooms is painting the ceiling a few shades darker than the walls. You can also use wainscoting to help divide up the height of the ceilings.

  4. Move furniture off the walls.

    You don’t want to have too much open space, so moving furniture a few inches off the walls could be enough of a quick fix. You can always add art to fill in space, while making the room more interesting.

  5. Textures tie it together.

    Big rooms feel cold and uninviting but textures could remedy that. Area rugs, throw blankets and pillows, and curtains add a great homey feeling to any space and can also absorb sounds, depending on the size of the room.

Your large home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right tricks and a wonderful interior design team like White Oak Interiors, your home can be fabulous and functional!

Call us today and be sure to redeem our special Facebook offer for 50% off an hour consultation! Get a fresh look for the new year!


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