It can seem a bit intimidating when shopping around for the right window treatments but it can be done once you find out what purpose they will serve in your home and the look you would like to achieve. Here are some tips from White Oak Interiors – Crystal Lake Window Treatments:

Privacy or Decoration?  Some people enjoy the natural streams of light whereas others tend to like their homes dark and a bit more private.  If you prefer a sunnier room and mainly want decorative treatments, then unlined curtains are your best bet.  For more privacy, lined curtains are essential.  They are a bit more durable than their unlined counterparts, block out more natural light, and help tremendously with insulation.  Some curtains even have special interlinings, which are sewn inside the curtain and make them extra thick.

Look and Feel.  Textures are extremely important to the look you wish to convey in your home.  Heavier fabrics, such as velvet, are usually for more formal rooms.  They are a pain to clean, though.  Rayon and cotton blends look great and are more practical.  Maintenance is fairly easy.  Cotton and cotton blends tend to look great anywhere, no matter the décor.  They have a very clean and neat look.

Color and Pattern.  You will want your windows to complement your décor in some form or fashion so it is ideal to pick a shade that is subtle and can be found in the room you are decorating, such as a shade of blue in a throw pillow.  If you are looking for a more daring effect, you might not want to complement the room at all but choose a bold color for that “wow” factor.  Whatever you do decide, you’ll want to keep your patterns to a minimum if your furniture is already patterned.  Conversely, too much of no pattern at all comes across a little dull and boring.

Now that you know the purpose your treatments will serve and what kind of feel you’re going for, your interior designer can help you pull it all together with the right rodding, length of treatments, etc.  White Oak Interiors can help you find the perfect window treatments for any room in your home.  Call us today and let’s discuss!


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