It’s easy to say the world is turned a bit upside down right now. Therefore, you may feel a bit stressed out! So, it’s only a must that you have a space within your home where you can experience some relaxation.

Are you looking for a space where you can go to relax? If so, know that your bedroom poses as the perfect option! However, in order for it to really feel serene, it must first be designed to perfection. Are you aware of how to go about creating your own space of Zen?

We believe that everyone should have a tranquil space within their home! That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, as Chicago interior designers, we have gathered a few decorating tips for your bedroom to assist you with being able to relax. So, if you are all set to discover some great inspiration, be sure to continue reading:

  • Quiet Colors. Sometimes, all you need is a good color change to set the right mood. Therefore, you will want to consider painting your walls a relaxing color! Colors such as deep blues and grays are ideal for creating atmospheres where you can slumber peacefully, as they are hues that promote “quiet” environments. So, whether you paint all of your walls, or just one as an accent wall, know the right hue will certainly promote a great deal of relaxation in your bedroom.
  • Shield the Sun. One of the most effect ways to relax is by getting a good night’s sleep, or even an energizing nap. However, sleeping with the sun in your eyes, or the moon illuminating your bedroom, isn’t always easy. Therefore, you will want to consider utilizing window treatments that will block any light. Blackout window treatments will help you keep the natural light out when needed, as well as provide a great deal of privacy. In addition, you can choose window treatments that showcase a unique color or design, to complement your space in a relaxing way.
  • Declutter. Clutter causes stress, and stress certainly isn’t a way to promote relaxation! So, know that you can keep the ambiance within your bedroom stress-free when you take away any clutter that is in your space. If your room is organized, you will feel more put together. Unused items, garbage, clothes on the floor; stash it away to present a clean and refreshing appearance. Overall, ensure that all of your items have a “home”, and aren’t present among your tables or on the floor. A clean space is a relaxing space.
  • Comfort. In order to truly relax, you will need to be comfortable! Therefore, it’s important that your bed is the right choice for your body. If you have been experiencing sleepless nights, it would be well worth it to upgrade your mattress. In addition, consider creating a sitting area in your bedroom, if space allows it. A lovely chair and ottoman will assist you with creating a peaceful sitting area, where you can read a book, or lounge back and take a nap.

Creating a warm and welcoming bedroom is a wonderful way to relax! These are just a few tips to assist you with designing yours.

Are you ready to design your own home with an interior designer in Crystal Lake, Illinois? If so, please contact us here at White Oak Interiors, as we are all set to assist you with doing so!

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