Floral arrangements are known to have mood-boosting qualities (much like those of artful interior design), so it makes sense to incorporate beautiful blooms into the decoration of your home. Whether you want to accent a newly designed space or have special guests over for the holidays, what better way to complement your home than with a fresh floral arrangement! Use a Barrington Interior Decorator, such as White Oak Interiors to help you tastefully compliment your home.

When choosing flowers to display, there isn’t just one type or one way to go. The beauty of making your own arrangement is that you can mix various types of flowers to create the look you want! Now, you can select just one type of flower to create a more elegant display, but choosing more than one is great for making a playful bouquet. With autumn approaching, you may opt to use yellows and oranges to mimic the changing colors of the trees.

In addition to selecting a certain look that you want for an arrangement, you can add fragrant flowers for an extra boost to the senses. Certain varieties of orchid and gardenia plants have pleasant scents and also come in different colors. Make sure you read the information on your plants to be sure you select the right variety; they aren’t all created equal.

The vase that your arrangement is presented in will vary depending on your choice of flowers (use a Barrington Interior Decorator for help in selecting an appropriate vase). If your flowers are long-stemmed, you’ll need a taller vase to support them and keep them upright. Shorter or wider vases are best for an arrangement with a variety of flowers, as it is a better way to showcase and arrange them all. The size of your vase will also depend on the room that you’re making the arrangement to go it; you won’t need a 6-10 inch centerpiece for your bedside table or vanity! Don’t be afraid to trim those stems if need be! The flowers shouldn’t be too tall for the vase, nor should they appear to be peeking out and struggling to be seen!

Think outside the box when making an arrangement to fit your mood and needs. A hollowed-out pumpkin can be a nice alternative to a glass vase when decorating for the holidays, as well as using marbles or fruit inside a clear vase. Anything you find beautiful can amplify your arrangement and add to the ambiance of your home. Always be sure to read the special instructions for the care of your plants and add greenery to keep your plants vibrant and long-lasting! Happy decorating!

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